Parents Spend 96 Hours A Year Getting Their Kids In The Car

Mon 7th Sep 2020

The routine of getting your children to sit in the car is making a third of parents late to work at least once a week according to a new survey.

The survey, which was conducted by SEAT in Spain, Germany and the UK found that parents lengthen their morning routine by up to 20 minutes in order to ensure their kids get into the car and that the most time consuming activity is putting shoes and coats on.

SEAT’s research also found that seat belts and last minute toilet breaks are other time wasting techniques but that good old-fashioned bribery is the fastest way to get the kids in order. Tricks such as promising a favourite music playlist, letting them watch a tablet or even giving them sweet treats are the most popular bribes amongst a quarter of parents.

Despite the nightmare routines, 96 per cent of parents admit that they enjoy travelling with their children.
“Despite the inconvenience this daily routine can cause for parents, when it comes down to it, 96% admit that they enjoy travelling with their children by car,” said a SEAT spokesperson. “Many point out that what they like most about family trips is being able to chat with them, sing songs out loud together and listen to their innocent and peculiar observations about the world. In short, the hassle, the rushing and the cursing are worth it in the end when you hear their laughter.”