Parking Ticket Surge Sees One Issued Every Four Seconds

Mon 6th Jul 2020

New data published by one of the UK’s leading motoring organisations has revealed a huge rise in parking tickets issued by private firms.

The RAC Foundation has found that 8.4million tickets were handed out in the 2019-20 financial year, up by 1.6million on the previous 12 months, a rise of 24 per cent.

These startling figures come despite a new law being put into effect in March 2019, which was aimed at bringing an end to rogue parking firms issuing unwarranted parking penalties. One element of the new law was a code of conduct for the industry, which has yet to be issued, and yet the DVLA is still happy to provide driver details to private firms for £2.50 a record.

“Anyone who received a private parking ticket last year would have been in plentiful company,” said Steve Gooding of the RAC Foundation.

“Yet again the number of keeper addresses released by the DVLA to private parking companies has shot up, this time by almost a quarter.

“To put the numbers in context, if every one of the 8.4million releases came with a ticket to the next Glastonbury festival, Michael Eavis would have to re-run the event over 60 times to fit everyone in.

“The hard graft of creating a new code of practice for the industry is under way. This will go out for public consultation before being presented to Parliament.

“But the code is just one part of the new framework that needs to be put in place, including a single appeals body and independent scrutiny of the private parking trade associations and their members.”