Pink Is The New Black Say UK Car Buyers

Mon 17th Aug 2020

British motorists are making a major statement by swapping the drab car colours of old in favour of more garish offering according to latest data.

Figures published by the RAC show that the number of pink cars registered is on the rise, with 22,728 registered with the DVLA in March compared to 19,959 at the same stage three years ago.

Despite the rise in brighter colours more favoured by celebrities and pop stars, the number one choice of car colour remains black, living up to Henry Ford’s old adage - You can have any colour as long as it’s black. There are currently 6.6 million black cars registered, 20 per cent of all cars on the road. White cars too are resurgent, with their numbers rising by a million over the last three years.

“It’s always very interesting trying to work out at what point a colour goes out of fashion,” said Simon Williams of the RAC.

“Clearly, this is what happened with silver which was the number-one choice in 2017 but fell back into second a year later and has remained there ever since.

“While taste in car colours is very individual and subject to what manufacturers offer, there must come a point where drivers feel a particular colour has become too common and think they should opt for something else, after all it wouldn’t be much fun if we all drove the same colour cars.

“Grey is very much still in vogue, but silver’s appeal is waning, having shrunk in overall numbers by 340,000 in the last three years. Blue is also out of favour, with just under 90,000 fewer registered cars now on the road than the same time in 2019.”