Pounds And Pence Rule In Car Park Payments

Tue 23rd Feb 2021

While many retailers and organisations are driving the UK public towards a cashless society, there remains one area of every day life in Britain where having some spare change remains key - the car park.

Latest data published by the British Parking Association over the last year has found that three out of four motorists prefer to pay for their parking with cold hard cash. And though there are now many digital and alternative options to secure your parking spot, the option for paying for your spot on a mobile phone app is not that popular, with only 16 per cent of 3007 UK adults choosing that option.

The encouraging news is that car parking companies are now offering a wide-range of solutions to pay for parking, including credit and debit cards, text, online websites and even the opportunity to pre-pay for parking with an online subscription.

“Parking operators are aware that pay and display machines are vulnerable to thieves for the cash they might contain, and card and mobile phone thefts can occur anywhere, so it always pays to be vigilant,” said Kelvin Reynolds, director of corporate affairs at the BPA.

“Motorists should have nothing to fear when paying for parking at a machine. Whether using credit or debit card, cash or smartphone app, motorists should always be careful. 

“As with all transactions, keep personal details private, never reveal the PIN, or give a payment card to anyone else.

“It is also encouraging to see that motorists are happy to walk further than they might have done in the past. 

“With initiatives such as Park Active, which encourages walking and cycling from peripheral car parks, these could help to revive our high streets as the environmental and health benefits will make them more attractive places to be.”