R3VEA13D: The 10 Most Expensive Number Plates Ever Sold

Thu 18th Jul 2019

Cherished number plates are big business with the DVLA raking in extra funds from the sale of personalised number and letter combinations - but what are the most expensive ever?

The most expensive licence plates ever sold in the UK have been revealed, with one plate 25 O being sold for an eye-watering £518,000. Sold in 2014 to classic car dealer John Collins, the 25 O is now attached to a car worthy of its signature, a Ferrari 250GT SWB which formerly belonged to Eric Clapton, the car itself is worth £10million.

The second most expensive plate has a familiar ring to it, 1 D, though it was not bought for any members of the former boyband, but sold to Nabil Bishara, a Lebanese businessman, who supposedly paid £285,000 before taxes, for his wife’s birthday. Maybe she was a Harry Styles fan?

Only one other licence plate in the UK has surpassed £200k, with a private buyer spending £201,000 in 2006 for the much coveted 51 NGH, which looks like the popular surname, Singh.


The UK's most expensive car number plates




25 O


November 2014

1 D


March 2009

51 NGH


April 2006

1 RH


November 2008



December 1993



May 2015

1 O


January 2009

1 A


December 1989

1 OO


April 2006

2 O


March 2009



September 2008



November 2014

While these prices may seem excessive, some private auctions fetch even more for the most sought after plates.

Speaking about the sale of DVLA plates, Julie Lennard, chief executive said: “DVLA’s sale of personalised registrations began in the days when the only way to place a bid at the live auction was to attend in person.

“We now live-stream every auction, giving bidders the opportunity to bid for their dream registration online from our live auctions, as well as the many millions we have for sale on our website.”