Report Reveals Extent Of Road Rage Britain

Tue 30th Apr 2019

Almost a quarter of drivers in the UK have stepped out of their car to argue with another motorist says a report which shows the true picture of road rage on the country’s road network.

With 22 per cent exiting their vehicle to confront other drivers and 19 per cent admitting that they have followed another car to its destination in the hope of confrontation, the report from automotive data company HPI reveals that Brits behind the wheel are not shying away from conflict on the roads.

“Our research of what really gets UK motorists hot under the collar reveals some fascinating findings," said Fernando Garcia, consumer director at HPI. "What it really highlights is that it doesn’t take much to wind up UK drivers and many are putting their safety and the well-being of others at risk."

"With nearly a quarter willing to get out of their vehicle and confront another driver, this could easily escalate into something far more serious and drivers need to think about remaining calm and collected when behind the wheel," he added. "We’ve all had incidents that have led to frustration while driving but motorists need to have respect for passengers and other drivers. We would urge them to think twice before doing anything that endangers safety or could lead to the police getting involved."

The report which looked at the habits of more than 1,000 drivers aged between 18 and 65 found that there is a small (3%) element of drivers who admit to ‘always being furious’ behind the wheel, and 39 per cent say that if they are having a bad day they will then take out their frustrations on other road users.

The most common source of road rage frustration was other drivers overtaking dangerously, with 28 per cent saying this was the one event most likely to get them wound up.