Shocking Rise In Parking Camera Applications

Mon 12th Oct 2020

They are the scourge of hospital and supermarket car parks across the country, but new research shows that ANPR applications have risen by 61 per cent in the last two years.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are thought to have led to a record £1.07billion worth of fines a year, but analysis has shown that use of cameras, rather than traditional pay and display parking systems is causing confusion and leading to many not even realising they need to pay. According to the research by Churchill Insurance, 16 per cent of those fined did not realise they needed to pay to use the car park, a further 12 per cent claimed they received a fine due to a faulty camera.

The ANPR technology automatically records your number plate as you enter the car park and customers pay at machines, often located away from the car park, by entering their number plate, which then automatically recognises how long you have spent in the car park. Unfortunately the system is leading to a record number of fines, though the Churchill survey revealed that one in eight drivers were successful in appealing the fines.

“More than a third (36 percent) of motorists told us they think that more money needs to be invested in making signs clearer,” said Alex Kindred, from

“Part of the money taken from fines should be spent on remedying that issue, so that drivers aren’t paying out unnecessarily.

“Our research found that nearly three quarters (74%) of drivers who appealed a PCN were successful, suggesting that many fines are in fact being issued unfairly.

“Clearly, there’s lots of confusion around the different parking rules.”