Should Cyclists Need Insurance?

Thu 22nd Apr 2021

The eternal battle between motorists and cyclists shows no signs of letting up, with a new survey revealing the depth of feeling car drivers have for those who ride bikes.

With the Covid lockdown driving a major growth in the cycling market, the number of bikes on the roads has grown, and as car drivers get back to some normality behind the wheel, they might find that they are battling for space with those on two wheels.

Now a survey of more than 2,000 people, by InsuretheGap, a GAP insurance provider, has found that two thirds of UK motorists believe that new legislation is needed to keep control of cyclists. The survey had some surprise findings, particularly that 59 per cent of those questioned believe that bicycles should have a registration number. Almost three-quarters surveyed believe that cyclists should have third-party liability insurance, while almost half think that they should pay road taxes. The one question which many cyclists will probably agree with is that all cyclists should wear helmets, 84 per cent of those agreed.

Ben Wooltorton, chief operating officer at, said: “It’s clear that drivers have concerns about how cyclists and cars can share the roads, however many drivers are also cyclists, and it’s in everyone’s interest that roads are as safe as possible.

“In fact, over half of drivers would like more cycle lanes, and two fifths – rising to two thirds of under 34s – would cycle more if there were additional cycle lanes.

“Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate road usage and how it’s changed in recent years to see if improvements could be made, particularly when the government is about to embark on a massive road expansion and upgrading policy.”