Skoda: From Car To Postbox

Wed 20th Mar 2019

A new innovation from Skoda could see the boot of the car used as place for couriers and postmen to collect and deliver parcels.

The Czech company is working with DigiLab, an innovation arm of the motor production company, to trial the scheme with two of the Czech Republic’s biggest online retailers, and

Skoda has promised that security will be the paramount issue for the project, with stringent checks, data encrypted and the parcel courier restricted to opening the vehicle within a short time frame defined by the customer.

The scheme seems very similar to a trial run by Skoda’s sister brand, Audi in 2015. That partnership saw Amazon and DHL making deliveries into the car boot by using the Audi’s in-car communications system to unlock the boot.

Though the results of the Amazon trial raised some serious security concerns, there is hope that the technology is now sufficient to allow testing to begin again. Jarmila Placha of Skoda’s DigiLab said:“This pilot project provides a concrete look ahead at how everyday life can be made even simpler and more convenient in future by using state-of-the-art technology. I’m looking forward to further developing this project together with our partners.”

Technology and parcel logistics companies have long been working on a solution for delivering parcels in a secure and swift manner without the need for the recipient to be present, though the question has to be said that if the car is in the vicinity the surely so is the recipient to collect the parcel in person?

The online retailers seem keen on the scheme though with Tomas Cup from saying:  “I am confident that our customers will very much appreciate delivery to their boot. This innovation is perfectly tailored to their needs, thus providing real added value. This method of delivery has the potential to change our shopping routine in future.”