Slow Drivers Blamed For Spike In Fatalities

Mon 30th Dec 2019

A worrying set of figures published by the Department for Transport has revealed that slow driving, and associated behaviours are leading to a rise in serious accidents on Britain’s roads.

While slow driving itself is rarely considered a dangerous act, it can lead to other road users performing maneuvers which can heighten the risk of an accident. These include poorly timed overtaking, road rage caused by tailbacks and those who fail to merge properly on the motorway.

DfT figures for 2019 show that slow driving contributed to two fatalities and 26 serious injuries, with a further 132 people receiving less serious injuries.

Hugh Bladon, a founding member of the Alliance of British Drivers, said: “I’m not in the least bit surprised by these worrying statistics.

“I have advocated for a long time that driving too slowly causes frustration for other people and can cause them to attempt an overtaking manoeuvre, which is the most dangerous thing you can do on the roads.”

Though the UK road network doesn’t officially have minimum speed limits, there are some areas such as driving through tunnels where this does come into effect, with a minimum speed limit figure and a red line through it indicated on a road sign. Police can also fine drivers £100 if they believe a motorist is endangering the life of other road users by driving slowly.