Smart Motorways Are Unsafe Say UK Drivers

Wed 18th Sep 2019

A new survey published this week has revealed the lack of confidence UK drivers have in the government’s so-called smart motorways.

One in four (24%) of drivers believe smart motorways to be unsafe according to the results of a poll published by Kwik Fit, with many drivers uncertain over when they can and can't use the inside lane, 29 per cent admitting that they are were confused as to when they could use the hard shoulder. One in five weren’t aware when a hard shoulder was in use, with 13 per cent believing that they were forbidden from using the hard shoulder at all times.

Worries over the safety of using the hard shoulder are the number one concern for drivers, with one in four of those polled admitting that they were worried about colliding with a stationary vehicle, a further 15 per cent said that the risk of a puncture or being hit by debris put them off using the lane, with the proximity of the verge a concern for a similar number of people.

Kwik Fit’s communications director Roger Griggs said: “These findings reflect the concerns and uncertainty that many drivers have when driving on smart motorways. It’s clear that if many drivers are avoiding using the hard shoulder when it’s open, then the extra capacity which smart motorways are designed to provide is not being utilised properly and we will end up being in a worse position than with the original road layout.”