Stricter MOT Rules Mean More Fails For UK Drivers

Thu 11th Jul 2019

New changes to the MOT test have made it more difficult than ever for drivers to get their car back on the road, with a shocking number of vehicles deemed dangerous.

New research from Green Flag revealed that over a third of UK motorists failed their test in the last year, with the introduction of new failure and fault categories - minor, major and dangerous - claiming many more MOT victims.

There were around 2.8million vehicles given a dangerous failure, an assesment which means that the vehicle was an immediate risk to safety.

Mark Newbery, spokesman for Green Flag, said: “Drivers should be aware of the risks of driving a faulty car. It not only endangers other motorists, but drivers and their passengers alike.

“Problems with vehicles will only worsen if not seen to, costing more money in the long run.

“We are urging drivers to thoroughly check their cars and repair any problems immediately, to give them the best chance of passing the new MOT tests.”

The stricter rules also come with a heftier fine for those who are without a valid MOT certificate, with a £2,500 fine and up to six penalty points on the licence of the car owner.

Drivers are advised to take simple measures such as checking headlights, brakes, screen wash and oil to ensure that the car gets its best chance of passing the test.