The 12 Greatest Roundabouts Of Britain

Thu 26th Sep 2019

To many roundabouts are simply another obstacle in a daily journey of getting from A to B, but to the experts at the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society they are a real thing of beauty and to celebrate their annual calendar they have revealed their top 12.

“Roads are often condemned as being scars on the landscape but with the coming of the roundabout in all their glory, they counteract the road’s unsightliness,” said UKRAS president Kevin Beresford aka Lord of the Ruings.

“With infinite variety, colour and creative-ness, these bitumen babes lift our sagging spirits on long tiresome trips. The roundabout is truly an oasis on a sea of tarmac.”

Unsurprisingly, UKRAS have named Swindon’s Magic Roundabout as their favourite, the iconic and highly efficient junction may confuse some drivers but is very safe and has spawned copycat roundabouts in other areas of the UK, including Colchester, Hemel Hempstead and High Wycombe.

“Designed by Frank Blackmore and finished in 1972, this roundabout’s magic has been baffling motorists for nearly half a century. Its five clockwise mini roundabouts feed into one central anti-clockwise ‘big daddy’ roundabout” says the UKRAS website 

“Yes, maybe it doesn’t have that picture-postcard pretence of some of the other roundabouts on the list but it gets full-marks for originality and, well pure magic.”

Other roundabouts to make the list include the spectacular looking Giant Dandelion in Nuneaton, which features an intricate multi-fountain display, the Chamberlain clock roundabout in Birmingham, which incorporates its own clock tower and Truro’s Trafalgar Traffic Island, which is home to four giant hedgehogs Cecil, Patricia, Denzil and Kizzy.

Sadly not all those that made the cut, actually made the real life cut. The Daffodil roundabout in Leek has since been dug up and replaced by traffic lights.

The 12 Greatest Roundabouts Of Britain
1. Magic Roundabout, Swindon
2. Giant Dandelion Roundabout, Nuneaton
3. Daffodil Roundabout, Leek
4. Octagon Roundabout, Solihull
5. Chamberlain Clock Roundabout, Birmingham
6. Floral Roundabout, Harrogate
7. Wallasey Village Roundabout, Wallasey
8. Wars of the Roses Roundabout, Tewkesbury
9. Pump House Roundabout, Pembroke
10. Newpark Roundabout, Livingstone
11. Gun Roundabout, Goole
12. Trafalgar Traffic Island, Truro