The 2019 Winning Car Brands

Thu 9th Jan 2020

Whilst new registrations are down to a six year low, the market still has some success stories with a number of brands reporting an increase in sales.
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) may have reported that car registrations were down 2.4 per cent after a difficult year, but on top of the EV revolution there was great news for other brands amongst all the uncertainty.

Niche manufacturers such as Alpine were the brand many of the motor critics wanted to talk about, with their souped-up engines wowing the pundits and making the car a must-have for many car aficionados. The brand did see a jump of 20 per cent, but that only represents going from 142 sales to 171.

The big winner in 2019 was clearly Tesla, while it is difficult to asses their rise over the last 12 months due to the company not registering sales with the SMMT, we can still track their sales under the ‘Other Imports’ banner. Usually the reserve of luxury and niche import vehicles, this market jumped 205.40 per cent last year, going from 4,792 to 14,635, with the launch of the Tesla Model 3 in the UK thought to be behind the impressive figures.

Another brand to do well, though perhaps not quite as fashionable as Tesla, was MG. The once British owned brand is now in the hands of Chinese ownership and is pitched at the budget market, though buyers are not put off and with an affordable EV on the horizon, MG will be keen to maintain their 44.49 raise.

Dacia are another car brand many consider to be budget, however their sales are not to be sniffed at. They registered a strong 24,169 vehicles in 2018, but beat that figure in style last year, seeing a jump of 28.06 per cent to 30,951.

Moving from budget to luxury, and two of the more expensive brands Lexus and Porsche both enjoyed a rise in sales. The new 911 caught the imagination of the public and no doubt help push up sales by 22 per cent for Porsche.