These Are The Most Reliable Used Cars With High Mileage

Thu 28th Feb 2019

With improved production and design techniques, the modern-day car should prove to be dependable regardless of the number of miles on the clock. But what are the most durable and reliable models?

The What Car? reliability survey is one of the most influential gauges of the true long-term performance of a car. The results aren’t based on the opinion of a journalist, or even the often outrageous claims of the manufacturer, the reliability survey, asks the motoring public to give their opinions of the cars they are driving.

“New cars are gaining ever-more complex pieces of safety and infotainment technology, from automatic emergency braking to online concierge services that can check where you are going and book you a parking space for when you arrive,” What Car says on their website.

“The level of complexity in modern cars means there are more things than ever to go wrong, though. That’s why we’ve launched the What Car? Reliability Survey. Our aim is to gather information about the dependability of as many car models as possible and share this with you to help you make the most informed buying choices.”

And based on the feedback of almost 20,000 vehicle owners, those that have more than 60,000 miles on their clock the No.1 used car for reliability was the Ford Fiesta, with a reliability rating of 89.9%. It’s no surprise that the Fiesta is the top selling new and used car in the UK. The survey showed very few niggles and repair costs were relatively cheap with bills very rarely going north of £200.

The Honda Civic was next on the list, with only 15 per cent of all diesel Civics encountering a problem in the year prior to it achieving the 60k total.

Third on the list was another hugely popular car, the Ford Focus with the hatchback achieving a score of 89.6%.

The Toyota Avensis saloon from 2009 continues to demonstrate great reliability, beating it’s younger generation to achieve a place in the top five. The BMW 3 Series completes the top five, which is a great feather in the hat for a luxury vehicle and one to look out for on the forecourts if you want a nice vehicle with plenty of reliability left in it.

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