These Are Your Highways To Hell

Thu 6th Jun 2019

New research has revealed which motorways and A-roads are most likely to be clogged with roadworks and congestion over the next three years.

A review of planned road improvements for major roads has been conducted by Van Monster using the information issued by Highways and it is not good news for users of the M6, with a total 1,586 days of delays planned. The M1 fares no better, ranked as the major route with the most roadworks planned, a total of 74, which will bring 199 days of delay. The M25 doesn’t have too many roadworks planned, but the 27 improvement projects will still affect 86.3m motorists due to the heavy use of the road.

Many of the improvements are based around the installation of smart motorways, though Highways England bosses say the smart motorways are making the commute to work easier, citing the improvements to the M6 near Warrington which before the smart motorway had average speeds of 36 miles per hour.

But Van Monster’s spokesman is still warning of the huge delays over the next three years saying: “Our analysis revealed a total of 830 projects are currently planned in across the nation and that drivers in the north west can expect the most delays, with a total of 161 planned projects over the coming three years, resulting in 1,152 days of potential delays to motorists.

“On the other hand, drivers in the east midlands face the fewest potential delays, with just 91 projects currently planned in for the region.

“This amounts to just 123 days that drivers might be delayed, largely due to projects planned in along the portion of the M1 that stretches past Leicester and Nottingham.”