Thieves Are Targeting This Car Part And It Could Cost You Thousands

Mon 25th Nov 2019

A wave of car crime is hitting UK motorists with the theft of one part in particular increasing ten-fold in the last year.
The catalytic converter has become a highly sought after item for some unscrupulous scrap dealers, with the presence of a number of valuable metals within the car part making it particularly valuable.

Figures released this week by AA Insurance reveal the sharp rise in catalytic converter thefts. The company received only eight claims for a stolen catalytic converter in January of this, but that number slowly rose through the year and by October was up to 79 incidents.

While in many cases your car will still run without a catalytic converter, the fact that your car will be pumping out toxic gases could make you vulnerable to a £1000 fine as your car will be producing emissions above the permitted standard.

Janet Connor, managing director at AA insurance services, said: “A tenfold increase in claims for catalytic converters due to theft is a shocking revelation.

“Criminals are being bold and brash by stealing converters in broad daylight, as they believe passers-by won’t question someone tinkering underneath a car.

“Where possible, drivers should park in a garage or in a well-lit area.

“Manufacturers have also developed anti-theft devices which can be attached to the fixings and give the converter a unique serial number.

“Concerned drivers should contact their dealer for further information.

“Scrap dealers and online auction sites have a role to play too, by making appropriate checks to ensure the parts being sold or scrapped have not been illegally gained.”