Thinking Of Making The Switch To EV?

Thu 18th Jun 2020


If you are one of the thousands of car buyers thinking of making the leap to electric over the next few years you probably have a raft of questions and worries. But the EV market is well established in the UK, so much so that What Car? have now included EVs and hybrid cars in their reliability survey.

The What Car? Survey is one of the most respected measures of a car’s reliability, mainly because the information is provided by the owners and drivers, using data such as how many faults the car has suffered, how long it has been off the road and the overall cost of repairs.

What Car? looked at 218 different models on their survey, from 31 different car brands, which on its own demonstrates the size of the market. Where previously Tesla has dominated these lists previously, it's actually the Toyota Yaris Hybrid and the Lexus CT which came out top for reliability, both cars scoring a faultless 100% mark.

The Lexus hybrid has been on the market for a decade now and has had plenty of time to iron out any deficiencies, so much so that not one CT owner reported a problem. The same can be said for the Yaris, which also came with an unblemished score, with no breakdowns or repairs required. The Toyota supermini is due an upgrade in 2020, and is sure to go from strength to strength.

At the bottom end of the scale, the Renault Zoe sits, a car which was leading the market earlier in 2020, with fantastic sales making it one of the most popular EVs out there. Perhaps this saturation has led to more negative responses, but with a 82.3% reliability score there is some work to be done.


Top Ten Most Reliable EV/Hybrid Cards
1. Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2011-) - 100%
1. Lexus CT (2011-) 100%

3. Lexus NX (2014-) 99.7%

4. Lexus RX (2016-) 99.4%

5. Toyota Auris (2013-2019) 99.3%

6. Tesla Model S (2014-) 98.9%

7. Toyota Prius (2016-) 98.4%

8. Lexus IS (2013-) 98.3%

9. Kia Niro (2016-) 95.7%

10. BMW i3 (2013-) 95.2%