Van Drivers Flouting Mobile Phone Laws

Mon 16th Mar 2020

A new study has revealed that the UK’s fleet of van drivers is continuing to use mobile phones whilst driving, despite the risk of losing their licence.

The research, which has been conducted by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, has found that approximately 60 per cent of delivery drivers use their mobile while driving on a daily basis.

Almost one in five drivers admit to sending texts, checking emails and updating their social media profile while driving and the average van driver makes up to seven calls a day and spends up to 37 minutes on the phone.

Claire English, head of fleet at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “Mobile phone use behind the wheel is a topic that we’ve been monitoring for the past couple of years and the recent statistics show it is still a huge safety problem on UK roads.

“Despite carrying a hefty punishment, it lacks the taboo of other offences such as drink-driving and this needs to change.

“As part of our Working With You promise, we’re committed to improving safety on UK roads for both our customers and other road users, always ensuring we provide the right equipment for the job, for example offering Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and a handsfree kit as standard across the range.”

Worryingly, Britain’s ageing fleet of vans may be adding to the problem with one in four vehicles not having Bluetooth fitted to enable a hands-free system. 

Drivers who are caught using their phone now face a £200 fine and six penalty points after new legislation was introduced in 2017.