Volkswagen Puts Holograms In The Trunk

Wed 29th May 2019

German car manufacturer Volkswagen has developed a concept car with an additional extra straight out of Star Wars - holograms.

The Golf GTI Aurora features a floating 3D interface which shows a set of media controls hovering in mid-air. The 3D holograms require no special glasses or screens to view and are currently being used as a sci-fi music centre with play, pause, and track skip buttons. The music centre features animated playlists which can be selected by tapping them.

Aurora is one of two Wörthersee projects developed by a team of 16 VW apprentices, the second of which takes a Golf R Estate3 called the FighteR2 which comes with a seven-speed gearbox and 396 horsepower.

“With our hologram, we’ve managed to unite the real and virtual worlds,” says Carsten Busse, head of Innovation Development at Volkswagen Group Components.

“Almost everyone knows holograms from Hollywood films like Star Trek and Star Wars – and this is very close to that cinematic reality.

“It’s like a kind of mirage that one can very clearly see and influence. We use that for a completely new operating experience. The hologram floats freely in space, above the hardware that is installed in a module in the luggage compartment,” explains the developer.