Volvo XC40 Claims More Major Awards

Wed 1st May 2019

Sweden’s premium crossover, the XC40, has claimed two further awards this week, to add to an impressive list of accolades collected.

Launched in February 2018, Volvo’s SUV has this week grabbed the headlines yet again with silverware at the Honest John Awards, where the website’s readers vote for their favourite car in a range of categories. The XC40 won the overall Car of the Year and the Premium Crossover, making it 15 major trophies in just over a year.
“No other model has come close to matching the XC40's popularity at, and it is easy to see why our readers hold this upmarket crossover in such high regard,” the website’s editor said.

"We were mightily impressed with the XC40 when it was first launched, but even we couldn't predict just how popular it would be, ultimately being crowned Honest John Car of the Year for 2019. Well built, stylish and refreshingly different from the usual crossovers, the XC40 is a car we have found ourselves repeatedly recommending to readers over the past 12 months."

The compact SUV has proved popular with both the critics and public, with 12,000 sales in the UK and a total of 115,000 units shifted globally.

Volvo’s UK Managing Director, Jon Wakefield was delighted with the public seal of approval following the awards: “It is hugely rewarding to see the XC40 not just winning awards, but winning in the showroom, too. It has struck an immediate chord with motorists and become the benchmark our competitors are judged against. These two Honest John awards reflect the popular enthusiasm for the XC40, a car that epitomises the style, desirability, quality and sheer all-round capability that we are bringing to our entire, comprehensively renewed, model range."