Want To Pass Your Driving Test? Go To Scotland

Mon 10th Jan 2022

Driving lessons and tests are in short supply following the last 18 months of lockdown uncertainty, and that added pressure for young drivers behind the wheel will probably make it even harder to pass your test, but new data has revealed which areas of the UK are easiest and hardest to get a pass.

Data collated by car insurer Cuvva has found the easiest places to pass your driving test and it is sad to say that most of them are in the Scottish Highlands, with those taking a test at the centre in Ballater near the Cairngorm Mountains seeing a pass-rate of 83.3 per cent. Rothesay on the Isle of Bute sees eight out of ten passing, as does Inveraray which also has a pass rate above 80 per cent.

At the other end of the scale, learner drivers in the south-east London district of Erith only have a pass-rate of 29.1 per cent, closely followed by Belvedere (also in London) and Speke in Liverpool (34.7%). 

The average pass rate in the UK is 51.6 per cent, but there is a massive 54.3 per cent difference in the highest and lowest pass rates, with Scotland dominating the top ten easiest places to pass your test.

The Cuvva report suggests that driving in urban areas is demonstrably harder than on quieter rural roads.
“You might notice that the 10 easiest test centres are all in Scotland, and the 10 hardest are all in or near big cities in England,” said the Cuvva report.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean that Scottish driving examiners are more generous (though we’re sure they’re all lovely people). It’s because Scotland is home to some of the most rural areas of Great Britain, and it’s usually easier to pass your test in these more remote test centres.

“That’s probably because the roads are less busy (and often easier to navigate) in rural areas — meaning you’re less likely to come up against more complex hazards that might lead to mistakes.”