Which Area Of The UK Has Most ‘No Claims’ On Insurance?

Thu 29th Oct 2020

Drivers on the south coast of England could be amongst the safest in the UK if a new set of car insurance data is to be believed?

Figures published by Compare The Market this week reveal that the quiet country lanes and respectable neighbourhoods of East Dorset could be amongst the safest in the country, with the highest average of no claims on their insurance policies - an impressive average of eight years.

With the UK average for no claims standing at seven years, East Dorset was the only location standing at eight years average, with a total of 253 places having an average of seven years.

Unsurprisingly the major urban areas of the country have the lowest low claims averages, with the London borough of Tower Hamlets have a very low four years average. The number of no claims bonus years has been rising steadily in recent years, and even with a slight dip this time last year, the pandemic lockdown is likely to send that average soaring, with fewer cars on the roads meaning not so many accidents or incidents.

Dan Hutson, head of motor insurance at Compare the Market said: “Lots of factors are taken into account when calculating a driver's risk profile but having a higher no claims could be a good indicator that someone takes care while on the road.

“It's unsurprising that remote areas such as East Dorset have the highest bonuses when compared to other areas of the UK with large cities.

“Having more years of no claims could mean that your risk profile is lower, and that you could be offered lower car insurance premiums as a result.

“The size of the car insurance no claims bonus varies between providers, if offered, so it's as important as ever to shop around for a best deal to suit your needs.”