Which Car Brand Has Had Most Recalls?

Wed 21st Jul 2021

Government data published this week has revealed which car manufacturers have been forced to issue the most product recalls, with a surprise name at the top of the table.

While car brands such as Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki regularly turn up at the top of reliability surveys for car owners, it might come as a shock to find that Toyota have issued the most calls, with 818 since 1992 according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

The analysis was put together by Zutobi, an app which helps learners pass their driving test and they had this to say about Toyota.

“UK data on vehicle recalls goes back to 1992, and in that time, Toyota was the brand to experience the most recalls of any brand, with 818. One of the most recent high-profile examples was in 2018 when the Japanese manufacturer had to recall over 2.4 million hybrid vehicles around the world due to a fault that led to them losing power, with 55,000 Prius and Auris models being affected in the UK alone,” said the Zutobi report.

Toyota also lay claim to the most recalled vehicle, with the multi-award winning Yaris having 131 recalls.

But industry experts are quick to point out that a product recall is not necessarily a sign of a broken or unreliable vehicle. Very often manufacturers issue recalls as they put driver and passenger safety at a premium, or they seek perfection in the running of their vehicle.

“Safety is the number one concern for car makers and the UK has one of the best records for vehicle recall fulfilment,” said Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers.

“The process delivers an exceptionally high response rate compared with other sectors and most other markets. 

“Car manufacturers act swiftly once a safety defect has been identified to contact the owner of an affected vehicle, fix the fault free of charge and ensure it remains safe throughout its lifecycle. 

“SMMT’s Vehicle Safety Recall Service means consumers can look up a vehicle, for free, to see if it has any outstanding recalls and the sector continues to work with DVSA on ways to improve the recall process further, including enhancing the MOT to cover outstanding recalls which would help ensure appropriate vehicles are identified and fixed.”

Most recalled models 

1. Toyota Yaris - 131

2. Mercedes-Benz E-Class - 114

3. BMW 3 Series - 92

4. Toyota Avensis - 83

5. BMW 5 Series - 77

6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class - 75

7. Honda Civic - 69

8. Volvo V70 - 65

9. BMW X5 - 64

10. Toyota RAV4 - 58

Source: Zutobi analysis of DVLA recalls database (accurate to June 2021)