Which Car Can Improve Your Chances On Tinder?

Tue 14th Jan 2020

According to new research, those who play the game of love on apps such as Tinder can increase their chances of finding a match by posting a picture with a car - but there are some cars which increase your chances even further.

The survey, which has been carried out by Click4Reg found that posting a picture of some models can actually double your chances of getting a date. Based on an average male profile receiving 59 matches from 200 right swipes, those matches rise significantly if you include one of the German luxury cars such as a Mercedes, Audi or BMW in your profile. Those who posted a picture with a Mercedes C-Class on Tinder saw matches rise to 98, while the Audi R8 gained 129 matches. The clear winner though was the BMW i8 which saw an impressive 132 matches from 200 right swipes.

Other cars to raise eyebrows and get pulses racing include the Land Rover (95), Nissan NV200 (81) and the Mini Cooper (69).

It’s not all great news when posting pictures of cars, there are some turn-offs, especially when men post pictures of the Kia Rio (48), the Citroen C3 (46) and the Fiat 500 (41).

While the girls seem to like a man with an expensive car, it probably goes without saying that the men too are more likely to swipe right on a female profile which includes the picture of a car.

While women have a higher chance of being swiped right with a base figure of 75 from 200, those chances of a match rise considerably when including a car with the BMW i8 coming out top once again with a honking 136 right swipes.

Unlike women, men don’t seem too fussed by the prospect of a Fiat 500 featuring on a profile, but even they have standards and the Citroen C3 and Kia Rio fare no better than when women were interrogating the profiles.