Which Car Is The Most Popular First Car?

Tue 18th Aug 2020

A major new survey has revealed which car was the favourite choice for those buying their first ever motor - with a familiar name topping the list.

Ford have consistently topped lists of most popular cars over the past few decades, and the Fiesta and Focus continue to dominate the sales charts even in 2020. According to a survey of more than 500 drivers by dayinsure, the Ford Fiesta was the most popular first car of all-time, with 12 per cent of those surveyed saying it was their first love. Overall 28 per cent of owners bought a Ford as their first car.

“I remember going to buy my first car with my dad. We bought it from a lovely elderly lady who lived on the coast overlooking Porthtowan,” said Rachel Bustin, a lifestyle blogger.

“It was a red, 2-door Ford Fiesta. Perfect size for a new driver and with it being a diesel it was ever so cheap to run. The mileage was low due to the elderly lady using it once a week to go to the shops. It was a great find!”

The insurance company’s survey also revealed that most new drivers only keep their first car for a total of two years, while a very small one per cent of owners keep the first for longer than 15 years. The average price spent on a first car was £3,782, with 66 per cent of those surveyed feeling that it was worth what they paid for it.

First Car Facts

  • nearly 1 in 5 people bought their first car when they were 18, however, 2 people reached this milestone at age 59

  • over 30% bought their first car from a dealership

  • 63% of people asked their parents for advice on their first car, while only 13% looked at online reviews to make their decision

  • 28% of people told us their first car was a Ford, with 12% of those being Fiestas – the most popular first car make and model by far

  • most people had their first car for only 2 years, while less than 1% had theirs for 15 years or more – talk about commitment

  • the average price spent on a first car was £3,782, with 66% of people saying that it was worth what they paid for it

  • over half sold their first car in order to buy another,while a surprising 17% met a sorry end at the scrap yard and an unlucky 7% were written off

  • the most popular feature in a first car is a cassette player, with only 13% of people having more modern capabilities

  • of those who had at least one broken feature in their vehicle, 13% told us their first car was victim to a broken window

  • 51% of people told us that one reason they bought their first car was for leisure, whilst 80% said another use was for work or to commute

  • Although most people chose not to name their first car, for the 20% that did, Betty proved to be the most popular name