Which EV Will Drive You Furthest?

Wed 9th Sep 2020

It’s World EV Day today, a day when motor manufacturers and energy firms work together to promote the many virtues and advantages to owning a pure electric car.

But with range anxiety remaining one of the top barriers to consumers making the jump and purchasing an EV, the Daily Mail has published a list of the top ten electric vehicles for range and it appears that you get what you pay for in terms of distance.

Unsurprisingly Tesla dominate the range wars currently, their Tesla Model S, Model 3 and Model X are placed one to three in the top, the only cars on the market that can boast a range in excess of 300 miles on one charge, the Model S topping out at an impressive 379 miles. The Model 3 is the most accessible to those with neither money or petrol to burn, with a starting price of £46,990, even so it is the most popular electric vehicle in 2020.

The most ‘affordable’ car in the top ten is the Nissan Lead e+, although at £33,295 brand new it pitches a serious dilemma on the forecourt, is going green real value for money?

With the purpose of World EV Day aiming to make electric driving seem more appealing to the British car buying public it seems that prices will have to reduce somewhat, as ranges are getting longer it won’t be long before price becomes the No.1 concern.

Dr Michael Hajesch, CEO of World EV Day said: “We believe it is essential to be part of the movement into a zero-emission future. Europe had 1.7 million plug-in electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV) on the streets at the end of 2019 and counting.

“Celebrating World EV Day is a great way of recognising the need for change and highlighting the work that has already been done – from a reliable charging infrastructure to the latest innovations in the electric vehicle sector.

“Driving an EV across Europe should be the new normal, and it is our mission to support the transition and bring high-power electric vehicle charging to everyone, everywhere.”