Who Is Motoring’s Star of the Silver Screen?

Thu 20th Aug 2020

Some of the biggest icons of driving have lost out in a controversial poll which aimed to find screen’s greatest automotive legend.

Steve McQueen? Nope. Vin Diesel? Nope. Paul Walker? Not a chance. The man the British public love seeing behind the wheel on our TV screens comes clad in denim and leather jacket and is likely to swing for you if he gets hangry. That’s right, Britain’s driving icon of the screen is Jeremy Clarkson.

In a list produced by Hyundai this year, Clarkson relegated some of film’s biggest names to the back of the grid, coming top in a poll of 2,000 Brits. Clarkson’s on-screen chums featured prominently in the top ten list, with Richard Hammond and James May both featuring. Unsurprisingly Top Gear was voted best car based programme on TV, ahead of Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard, all three of which are possibly relics of a bygone era.

A spokesman for Hyundai said: “Steve McQueen is nicknamed The King of Cool and he’s responsible for some of Hollywood’s most iconic moments, whether it’s the bike scene in The Great Escape or the famous chase in Bullitt.

“But he plays second fiddle to Jeremy Clarkson, whose legendary adventures from behind the wheel of a car have crowned him as our favourite automotive screen icon.
“The best cars and films are always the subject of fierce and fun debate and thanks to the internet and streaming services there is no shortage of shows and websites to keep us occupied.” 

Top 10 – Greatest Automotive Icons

  1. Jeremy Clarkson

  2. Steve McQueen

  3. Richard Hammond

  4. Vin Diesel

  5. Sir Sean Connery CBE

  6. James May

  7. Paul Walker

  8. Daniel Craig

  9. Sir Roger Moore KBE

  10. Jason Statham