Why Do Healthcare Workers Pay More For Car Insurance?

Thu 10th Jun 2021

Our beloved NHS workers are getting stung on their car insurance, with the health worker sector paying the highest average figure for their premium.

The news comes as part of a comprehensive study of the 2021 car insurance market by Vanarama. 

According to the research the average UK driver is 39-years-old, drives a 202 VW Golf 1.5l, takes out comprehensive cover, drives 7,600 miles a year, has held a driving licence for 15 years, is kept in a factory or office car park during the day and is locked in a garage at home during the night.

Vanarama’s analysis of car insurance reveals that while adding a named driver and installing a dashcam can sometimes make your policy more affordable, there’s one thing which we can’t often alter - and that’s our job title.

By inputting the same driver profile into price comparison websites, and only altering the job title. Vanarama have discovered which careers are most heavily penalised when it comes to car insurance.

So while those working in the healthcare sector pay most on average, it is the role of a recruitment consultant who is paying the biggest premium penalty, paying on average more tha £800 a month.

“From our research, the worst job title for insurance costs is now Recruitment Consultant. Since last year, the premium has more than doubled from nearly £350 to over £815, taking it from 30th to 1st on our survey,” said the Vanarama report.

“In terms of rank, however, it’s Designers who’ve suffered the harshest hike in costs. Despite having the third-most affordable premiums in last year’s results, our 2021 update sees them slide all the way to second with a charge of almost £780 a year.

“On the other hand, those with ‘Developer’ in their titles experienced a more favourable change – Software and Web Developers dropped from the 13th- and 15th-most expensive last year to within the cheapest 6% this time around.”