Why Owning A Car Is Now More Important Than Ever

Mon 9th Nov 2020

The global pandemic has made the UK public more reliant on their own mode of transport more than ever according to a new set of research from the RAC.

Confidence in public transport is at its lowest point more than ever, with the prospect of sharing a confined space with potential COVID spreaders, and some 57 per cent of motorists now say they are dependent on their car on a day-to-day basis, compare that to the 43 per cent who answered the same question a year ago.

The RAC’s data found that there are three key distinct groups who are more likely to need a car than before the pandemic - young drivers, those with fewer than 10 years driving experience and anybody driving in London.

Unsurprisingly, with working from home becoming the new norm for millions of Brits, the use of a car for commuting has dropped to 64 per cent in 2020, and despite the increase in home deliveries we are more likely now to use our car for shopping up from 54 per cent last year to a high of 68 per cent.

RAC data insight spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “Even with lower traffic volumes, the pandemic appears to have reinforced the bond between drivers and their cars – with public transport less attractive than ever. 

“Motorists see having access to a car as being even more important for the trips they need to make, be that shopping for essentials or getting out to see family and friends in other parts of the country when restrictions allow.”