Will Covid Increase Polluting School Runs?

Tue 20th Apr 2021

Headteachers across the UK are concerned that over-protective parents may be damaging the health of children by increasing polluting vehicle journeys too and from schools.

The news comes via research from a leading school transport solution provider, which suggests that one in four school leaders are concerned that more parents will be dropping their children off by car than before the pandemic. The data published by Kura this week also showed that two in five in education believed that traffic congestion around their school was an issue, while 22 per cent were worried about the level of toxic car fumes.

The Office of National Statistics has shown that there has been a gradual return to motoring across the UK, with the volume of traffic now at 91 per cent of the level seen since before the pandemic.

“The daily school run remains a major contributor to toxic emissions around the school gates, crippling traffic congestion on the roads, and school staff having needlessly lost thousands of hours on outdated, non automated processes,” said Godfrey Ryan, chief executive of Kura.

“Schools proactively taking steps to invest and improve in this area will see huge financial and reputational benefits long-term, while providing reassurance to anxious parents and a safer, greener, smarter environment for their pupils.”

Previous Kura research has found that more than 50 per cent of parents believe that their school should be doing more to promote green initiatives.