Will Pop-Up EV Charging Points Increase Uptake Of Electric Cars?

Mon 2nd Dec 2019

The problem of providing electric charging points for motorists without access to off-street parking is recognised as one of the major obstacles to drivers making the switch - but now one city council may have come up with the solution.
Oxford City Council is currently trialling ‘OxPop’ charging points, pop-up charging points which have been designed for residential areas where there is limited access to sufficient charging points.

Manufacturer Urban Electric, which is trialling the ‘OxPop’ points until February 2020, says that the advantage of their innovation is that the points can retract into the ground, reducing pavement clutter. Oxford City Council is keen on the idea as it will in theory mean that there will be no need for parking spaces exclusively for electric vehicles.

Councillor Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council’s Cabinet Member for Zero Carbon Oxford, said: “We’ve brought investment into Oxford to test different electric vehicle charging technologies and ensure residents get the best public infrastructure. By trialling the world’s first pop-up on-street chargers, Oxford is freeing our streets of clutter for residents travelling by mobility vehicles or pushing children along in buggies.

“We’re also ensuring that more people can own or drive electric vehicles, especially those who want to switch but just don’t have driveways for off-street charging. The electric revolution should be open to all, whether they have driveways or not.”

Local residents can currently apply for free use of the OxPops, while the council is undertaking their own research with a pure-electric BMW i3.