Will You Be Taking Advantage Of MOT Extension?

Thu 11th Jun 2020


The coronavirus pandemic may have placed a pause on many industries, including motoring, a new survey has revealed that drivers are determined to see their car serviced as normal.

The research, which has been carried out by the RAC, has highlighted that many drivers were unaware of the government’s six-month MOT extension. More than half of drivers admitted that they were keen to ensure essential safety checks on their car were made at the right time, 40 per cent said they were confident that their cars were in good working order and wanted their car to pass the MOT as soon as possible.

One in seven drivers intends to take advantage of the additional six months added to their due dates and that might explain the reason 16 per cent of drivers are wanting to get their MOT done as soon as possible, to avoid an anticipated backlog further into the year.

“Since the coronavirus lockdown took effect, hundreds of thousands of vehicles every month have been missing their normal MOTs and in turn there’s a risk that more unroadworthy cars are now on our roads, especially as many more of us are now driving compared to March,” said the RAC’s Head of Motoring Services, Adam O’Neill.

“It’s encouraging therefore to see that a large proportion of people we surveyed clearly care about the condition of their cars and aren’t being put off from getting them through their MOTs or serviced as normal. But at the same time there understandably remains some drivers who are worried about how safe it is to visit a garage during the pandemic.”