Worrying Survey Shows Seat Belt Laws Are Being Ignored

Thu 31st Jan 2019

On the anniversary of the seat belt laws being introduced, a new survey by a road safety charity suggests that some are still ignorant to the law.

Brake, the road safety charity, interviewed 2,000 motorists on the 36th anniversary of the law and found that nearly half of young drivers admitted to have been in a car with someone not wearing a seat belt in the last 12 months. The honesty from those aged 18 to 24 may be refreshing as well as revealing but is a major concern when Department for Transport figures show that over a quarter of people killed on British roads in 2018 were not wearing their seat belt.

“We know seat belts save lives and yet there are still four people a week who needlessly die on our roads when not belted up,” said Brake’s Director of Campaigns, Josh Harris.

“Soon we will see seat belt reminders made mandatory on all seats in new cars - a great step forward.

“Unfortunately, we've found that young people are most exposed to this issue and they are far less likely to be purchasing new vehicles.
“We need the Government to target safety campaigns at the younger generations to make sure they hear loud and clear that seat belts save lives.
“Ultimately every death on the road is preventable but a death of someone not wearing a seat belt could so easily be avoided.”
Brake’s research shows that drivers aged 18-24 are three times more likely to be in a car with someone who isn’t wearing a seat belt.