Why Do Low-Mileage Drivers Pay More For Their Car Insurance?


Drivers who drive less are subsidising those who drive twice as much and are at increased risk according to new research from a price comparison website.

Has Lockdown Made Us Forget How To Drive?


Drivers in England may have forgotten to drive whilst locked away during the Covid-19 pandemic, that’s according to new statistics from a major insurer.

Coronavirus Impact On European Car Sales


The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on new car registrations, as lockdown saw sales plummet across the continents biggest markets.

Study Reveals EV Charging Infrastructure Shortfall


Some areas of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure are heavily underdeveloped according to a new study, with some regions having to share one on-street point with 1,000 vehicles.

New BMW M5 Will Be All Electric


Fans of the iconic BMW M5 high performance saloon can expect big changes to the next generation, with industry insiders suggesting that the new powertrain will be fully electrified.

New Ford Tech Helps Drivers On Windy Country Lanes


The UK’s windy country lanes may be seen as a challenge to some wannabe rally drivers, but for many more they are a tricky route to be negotiated. That’s why Ford have developed a new technology which will keep your motor on track.

In-Car Infotainment Are Worse Than Drugs For Drivers Says Study


Infotainment systems such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are worse for reaction times than driving whilst under the influence of cannabis says a major new study from a road safety charity.

Japanese Car Company Builds Interconnected City


A ‘Woven City’ powered by hydrogen fuel cells and designed to be a living laboratory for a fully connected ecosystem is being built by Toyota at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Do You Live Near The Government’s Future Transport Zones?


The UK government has announced a £90 million investment in three new future transport zones for the country, where the latest transport technology solutions will be tested.

What Was The UK’s Top Selling Used Car For February?


It was a record month for Motor Depot and February wasn’t too bad for the used car market overall with encouraging signs across the industry.