British Diplomats To Go Green


Some of Britain’s leading government officials across the globe are to swap their chauffeur-driven dirty petrol vehicles for a fleet of greener Jaguar I-Paces.

Christmas Time To Break Down


There will be more than 22,000 breakdowns a day over the Christmas period says a leading breakdown recovery organisations.

Are You Scared Of Car Services?


It’s almost like a fear of the dentist, but with cars, with almost four million putting off taking their car for a service due to the fear of unexpected repairs.

Has Brexit Made Cars More Expensive?


A new report published this week is suggesting that the cost of motoring has risen faster than inflation since Brexit was announced in June 2016 - but great news for used cars.

DVSA Issues Warning As Thousands Miss December MOT Deadline


Have you forgotten to put your car in for MOT this month? You wouldn’t be alone as figures reveal that December sees the most cases of late tests being taken.

Electric Vehicle Takes ‘Product Of The Year’ Gong


The electric vehicle movement has received another major victory with the news that an EV car has topped a list of the year’s most innovative products.

EV Drivers Being Paid To Charge Their Cars


The growing band of electric vehicles owners in the UK could be profiting from a unique ‘windfall’ after a pioneering electric vehicle charging manufacturer announced that they would pay drivers to use their charge points.

What Is The Most Dangerous Christmas No.1 To Drive To?


It’s not the most obvious question on the lips of the UK driving public Christmas, but just in case you were wondering, listening to Girls Aloud’s Christmas No.1, Sound of the Underground, is the most dangerous Christmas No.1 ever!

Renault Zoe Is Fastest Selling Used Car Of 2019


New figures published by Auto Trader have revealed the top ten fastest selling used cars of 2019 and amazingly a French EV tops the list.

Is Your Parish Priest Really A Speed Demon?


A surprising new survey has revealed which occupations are likely to have the most dangerous drivers.