Have You Missed Out On A Driving Licence Saving?


British motorists have missed out on £2.3m of savings, and the organisation who have benefited financially are urging drivers to not miss the trick next time.

Why Brand Loyalty Is Dead For Car Buyers


The era of car buyers sticking to one particular car brand through their entire driving life may be over according to new analysis which suggests a shortage of new cars is making buyers look elsewhere.

Which Car Brand Earned £23m An Hour Last Year?


The global pandemic may have severely cripped many sectors of the motor industry, however the sun still shone for some companies which made huge profits in the face of adversity.

British Drivers Don’t Trust Smart Motorways


In a week where an influential Transport Committee of MPs called for a halt on smart motorway development, a major survey has revealed a lack of public confidence in the controversial highways.

MPs Want Smart Motorways Halted


A select group of MPs has called on the Government to stop the rollout of all-lane running smart motorways for five years.

What Does Your Car Know About You?


If you’ve ever felt that your car has a mind of its own, you may be nearer the truth than you think, as the connected car of today is gathering hundreds of elements of data about car owners, and a new report has highlighted just how much each car brand actually knows.

What’s Your Council Spending On EV Chargers?


Electric vehicle sales are booming, but a lack of investment in EV charging points could stall the switch and local councils are at the heart of the problem according to a new report.

Autumn Drive Dazzles Equal Danger


While the winter months are likely to bring treacherous roads, new research from the AA has found that autumn is no walk in the park for drivers, with just three per cent of drivers having no worries at all about driving as the leaves are falling.

Motoring Dominates ‘Best Global Brands’ List


While the automotive industry may be experiencing some of its most challenging of times, the consumer public remains faithful to the biggest brands and once again, car manufacturers are featuring heavily in the ‘Best Global Brands’ list for 2021.

845 Miles, No Refueling, No Stopping, No Emissions


Toyota have set a new Guinness World Record for the longest distance covered by a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle without refuelling.