Rookie Drivers Face Five Month Wait To Take Test


Learner drivers who have had to endure a frustrating wait to get on the road over the past 12 months are facing even more torment with the news that the wait for a driving test will now be up to five months.

Europe Wants To Ban Cars From UK Cities


We may have departed the European Union, but a European body is keen to influence the lives of drivers across the country by suggesting that cars should be banned from all major cities.

Could These Modifications Lower Your Car Insurance?


The long held belief that modifying your vehicle will drive up the price of your insurance premium has been disproved following new research by one of the UK’s biggest price comparison websites.

Can Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance Work?


The RAC has announced a huge change to the motor insurance industry by offering policies that are only paid for when you actually drive your car.

Jaguar Air-Con Can Kill Coronavirus


Jaguar Land Rover have joined the UK’s front-foot fight against Covid-19 by designing an air-conditioning system that can stop viruses and bacteria from entering the car cabin and is effective against coronavirus.

MOT Change: Are Your Headlights Legal?


A significant change to the MOT test guidelines could see many older cars get an instant fail due to their headlights not being legal.

French Mitsubishi’s To The UK? It’s A Non!


The prospect of new Mitsubishi’s being sold in Britain has taken a blow after it was announced that the Japanese company’s UK operations will not be saved despite a plan to sell French-manufactured vehicles in European markets.

Do You Know The Car Insurance ‘Sweet Spot’?


It’s a little known fact that the cost of your car insurance fluctuates wildly depending on which date you choose to renew your premium, and now research has been done to show when drivers can secure the cheapest policies.

Shock Winner Of UK Car Of The Year


The British motoring press have picked a surprise winner of the prestigious UK Car of the Year 2021, awarding the Toyota GR Yaris the top prize.

School Car Ban Reduces Emissions By Almost A Quarter


A study of nitrogen dioxide levels at primary schools in London has found that closing roads during pick-up and drop off times has reduced the pollutant by 23 per cent.