Is Your Car Number Plate Legal?


British drivers are unaware of whether their car number plate is legal or not, a new survey has revealed.

Petrol Price Drop Is Bitter-Sweet Say Campaigners


Despite fuel prices seeing their most significant monthly drop in four years, motoring organisations are saying retailers are still overcharging drivers.

Christmas Tree Problem Could Land You Unwanted Present


The dilemma of how to transport a Christmas tree home could be leaving many drivers with the unwanted present of a fine or points this festive season.

What Will Airbags Of The Future Look Like?


An influential German motor engineering firm has revealed a number of innovations to the traditional airbag design which could save drivers of the future, including those in driverless cars.

Korean Cars Prove Most Popular Used Cars


A newly published list of the fastest selling second-hand cars in the UK has revealed that Korean models from Hyundai and Kia are proving to be popular with the buying public.

Do You Know How To Change Your Car’s Antifreeze?


A new survey has revealed that millions of UK drivers are unsure how to change their antifreeze and half of drivers haven’t carried out essential winter car maintenance.

Is The UK Set For An Electric Shock?


Latest figures released by the Institute of the Motor Industry has revealed that the United Kingdom’s motoring infrastructure is failing to meet targets to meet the demand for Electric Vehicles.

Gone In 60 Seconds


An unlucky London family are cursing the very latest technology employed on their luxury SUVs after seeing two brand new Mercedes’ stolen from their drive overnight.

Could UK Use Cameras To Enforce Yellow Box Junctions?


Councils across the United Kingdom are pushing for additional powers to use cameras to catch drivers who stop in yellow box junctions.

Attack Of The Clones


The instances of cars being cloned and used to escape congestion charge fines is on the rise according to figures released by Transport for London (TfL).