These Are The Most Reliable Used Cars With High Mileage


With improved production and design techniques, the modern-day car should prove to be dependable regardless of the number of miles on the clock. But what are the most durable and reliable models?

New Car Prices Could Rise By 22 Percent Due To Brexit


New car prices will rise on average by £8,000 if the country is faced with a no deal Brexit at the end of the March.

Now A Car That You Can Control With Your Eyes


BMW has revealed a new technology which will allow drivers to control certain features in their vehicle simply by using their eyes and facial expressions.

Black Box Recorders To Be Compulsory On All New Cars


A new safer era of motoring could be heralded after the European Parliament voted in a range of mandatory vehicle safety standards.

Is Vauxhall Next On The Brexit Chopping Block?


The uncertainty of the British car production market is set to continue, but workers at Vauxhall face an agonising wait to discover if their jobs too are on the line.

When ‘Meet and Greet’ Is Not So Great


Following a spate of high profile airport parking scams one local authority has published a list of hints and tips to stop a rogue operator spoiling your holiday plans.

Revealed: The Motorway Exits You Don’t Want To Miss


Missing a motorway turn-off is a hassle at the best of times, but when missing the junction results in a 36 mile diversion it can cost a driver time and money.

Millions Of Foreign Drivers Are Dodging Crossing Charges


One of the busiest stretches of road in the UK, the Dartford Crossing, is short of more than £200m in unpaid fines after foreign drivers blatantly disregard the charges to cross.

Are Electric Cars Cheaper To Own And Run?


A new study is claiming that electric cars are cheaper to own and run in five major European countries - including the UK.

Britain Leading The Way In Driverless Revolution


A new report on the future of driverless cars has revealed that the UK is leading the way in legislation but could be held back by the poor state of its roads and 4G network.