Private Parking Fines Are On The Rise Once Again


Private companies are issuing parking fines at an alarming rate according to research conducted by the RAC.

Emergency Braking System Could Prevent Hundreds Of Deaths


Autonomous emergency braking technology could help avoid up to 348 deaths and serious injuries in a year according to the latest research.

Could Your Next Chinese Takeaway Be A Car?


Industry exports are predicting that China will be ready to export its most popular cars to Europe by 2020, a move which could change the face of the UK’s roads and showrooms.

Liquid Battery Technology Could Reduce Charge Time To Seconds


Scientists at the University of Glasgow could have made a major breakthrough in electric vehicle technology with a battery that could be recharged in seconds.

Porsche Goes For Gorilla Glass Technology


German supercar manufacturer Porsche has revealed that it will be the first car brand to implement ‘Gorilla Glass’ in its vehicles.

Motordepot announce the opening of their tenth site, located in Stoke-on-Trent


Lotus To Return To Forecourts To Challenge Luxury Car Market


Chinese car group, Geely is considering a £1.5billion investment in classic British brand Lotus, with the aim of challenging Porsche and Ferrari.

Grand California Takes VW’s Camper To XXL


It’s the Camper van on steroids, but when the Volkswagen Grand California is unveiled in Germany later this month, there will be plenty of interest in this beefed-up motorhome.

Fiat Finally Kicks Punto Into Touch


The Fiat Punto, once one of Britain’s most popular super-minis, has been retired after it was announced that the Italian car would be no longer produced.

Why Leaving Your Engine Running Could Cost You More Than You Think


Drivers who leave their engine running while the car is stationary could be hit with £20 on-the-spot fines if they are at the roadside.