Blue Badge Parking Set For Key Changes


A major shake-up to Blue Badge parking in England will see people with hidden disabilities such as autism and mental health conditions given access to park closer to their destination.

Government Aims To Curb White Van Man Access To City Centres


The UK Government has unveiled plans for greener city centres by phasing out diesel-powered delivery vans from entering congested areas of the country.

Eight Out Of Ten UK Made Cars Go Abroad


The UK public’s demand for British built cars has dropped by a staggering 47% in the past year according to industry experts the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Could This Driving Faux Pas Cost You £670?


Driving to France this summer? It might be a good time to check on the new driving regulations after authorities across the channel introduced new rules to limit the number of accidents.

What Are The Safest Used Cars For New Parents?


There’s a huge range of family cars available at MotorDepot, but which are the safest in terms of NCAP rating according to the latest research?

More And More Buyers Would Consider Electric


Seventy per cent of car buyers would consider an electric vehicle according to a new survey, with younger drivers keener than ever to get on board with the new technology.

Young Drivers Don’t Understand Car Insurance Says Survey


The UK’s young drivers are signing up for car insurance policies without actually understanding what they mean according to a survey published this month.

Does Your Driving Lead To Family Arguments?


The close confines of car travel lead to more arguments than any other situation in our daily lives according to a revealing survey released this week.

Is Your Air-Con On Wrong?


As the sweltering summer continues, we all find ourselves reaching for the air-con dial on our dashboard - but are we maximising the power of our in-car cooling system?

Driving Abroad This Summer? Are Your Kids Safely Restrained?


New research has revealed that a worrying number of British drivers are putting their children’s safety at risk by not meeting the standards for child car safety when driving abroad.