E-Scooters Sent To Coventry… Then Banned


The UK-wide trial of e-scooters has seen its first rejection after Coventry became the first city to suspend the trial following complaints from pedestrians.

Yorkshire Drivers Have Most Motoring Convictions


They may have some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, but motorists in Yorkshire and Humber might be driving too fast to see it if the latest research on driving convictions is to be believed.

Being Idle On The School Run Can Cost You £80


We may be more likely to take our kids to school in the car during these pandemic times, but school-run parents are being warned not to leave their engine running at the school gates or risk an £80 fixed penalty.

How Much Do You Pay For Car Parking?


New data has revealed the most expensive and cheapest car parks in the UK, with prices for a full day differing by an eye-watering £130!

How Often Do You Break The Speed Limit?


New analysis from the Department for Transport has found that more than half of cars in 30mph zones are exceeding the speed limit.

Which Cars Are Most Vegan Friendly?


While a plush leather interior may be marked down as the height of luxury in cars, there are some who would prefer that animal products are not used at all. So which car to choose?

Which EV Will Drive You Furthest?


It’s World EV Day today, a day when motor manufacturers and energy firms work together to promote the many virtues and advantages to owning a pure electric car.

Do Brits Even Know What An EV Is?


New research from Ford has found that many drivers in the UK are confused by the electric vehicle market, with many not even familiar with the term ‘EV’.

Parents Spend 96 Hours A Year Getting Their Kids In The Car


The routine of getting your children to sit in the car is making a third of parents late to work at least once a week according to a new survey.

Child’s Play


It’s a bone of contention in supermarket car parks across the UK and the source of many a disapproving look, parent and child car spaces have led to many arguments.