Have You Been Stung By Car Insurance Cancellation?


British motorists are getting hit by increasing car insurance cancellation fees, with a total of £71.5m paid by car owners in the last year alone.

Pay Per Mile Car Tax Won’t Work Says Expert


Plans to tax electric vehicles on a pay as you drive model do not add up according to one of the UK’s leading figures in the EV industry.

Do You Know The 39 Proposed New Rules In Highway Code?


A major shake-up of the Highway Code is underway and drivers could be expected to learn 39 new rules of the road as the Department for Transport launches a new plan for safety.

The Cost Of Motoring For Rookies Just Got Cheaper


Young drivers are seeing the cost of owning a motor more affordable than ever after research from one of the UK’s biggest price comparison websites revealed that the annual outgoings has dropped by £296.

Why Taking The Bus Costs Millions


Bus lane cameras are one of the most frustrating aspects of driving in big cities, and whilst they show no sign of disappearing, local authorities are raking in millions in fines from unwitting drivers.

New C-Class Mercedes Wows On Launch


One of the most popular saloons of the last decade, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has got a new look and more power following the launch of the latest generation.

Pounds And Pence Rule In Car Park Payments


While many retailers and organisations are driving the UK public towards a cashless society, there remains one area of every day life in Britain where having some spare change remains key - the car park.

Don’t Fall Into Tyre Trap During Lockdown


Motorists across the UK are being warned to check the state of their tyres during Covid Lockdown as lack of activity could make them unsafe according to a leading charity.

Do You Forget Your Car’s Name?


Car buyers are much more likely to remember the name of a car model if it is named after a real word rather than a number according to new research.

Speeding Less Acceptable Than Ever Says Report


New research from the UK’s largest independent road safety charity has revealed some positive long-term trends in relation to speeding behaviour in the UK with motorists now considering it less acceptable to speed than they did five years ago.