Council Gets Slap On The Wrist Over Illegal Speed Limit Signs


Council planners in England have infuriated residents in a residential road after putting up speed limit signs, despite a public consultation on the new restriction not yet being heard.

Flying To Work Won’t Work Says Ford Report


The dream of jumping in your flying car and travelling direct to your place of work has been shot down by a major study by the University of Michigan and Ford.

Boost For JLR As UK Sales Grow By 8.4%


The past 12 months may have been turbulent for Jaguar Land Rover, but there achievements on the forecourts are far outweighing the problems elsewhere.

Report Reveals Which Cars Hold Their Value


A new study of more than 7,000 vehicles has discovered which are the models which are most likely to hold their value, and it’s great news for new electric and hybrid vehicles.

Aston Martin Boss Critical Of EU Speed Limiting Laws


European Union plans to introduce speed-limiting devices on all cars from 2022 have been described as ‘reckless’ by one of the industry’s leading Chief Executives.

Are We Set For A Pavement Parking Ban?


Motorists across the UK could be banned from parking on pavements if an ongoing inquiry finds that a blanket ban is necessary.

The Speeding Postcode Lottery Exists


Speeding drivers across England and Wales are playing a postcode lottery on whether they will get caught, with the chances of getting snapped 170 times more likely in some areas over others.

Cars Of The Future Could Prevent The Spread Of Illnesses


Jaguar Land Rover is developing a technology which could fight the spread of ‘superbugs’ by killing them within the cabin of vehicles.

Could Speed Limiters Cause More Accidents?


A major UK insurer has warned that the EU’s plans for mandatory automated speed limiters on cars could cause more accidents rather than making roads safer.

Britain’s Busiest Speed Camera Raises £5m In Three Years


A speed camera in Southampton has been revealed as the busiest speed camera in Britain, catching more than 300 drivers a week and raising millions in fines.