Self-Driving Range Rover Completes Lap Of UK City Ring Road Unassisted


Driverless car technology in the UK has moved up a gear after it was revealed that a Range Rover Sport has recently completed a successful lap of a major UK city without assistance.

Skoda’s Citigo Is Named Best Used City Car


The What Car? Used Car of Year 2019 awards have been announced, with worthy winners in all categories for the influential magazine prize ceremony.

Brexit Jobs Boost As Rolls-Royce Aims For Record High Workforce


It’s not all doom and gloom for motor industry with the impending Brexit on the horizon, Rolls-Royce has announced that it is taking on 200 more staff to cope with export demand.

The Great Motorway Services Petrol Price Gamble


Running out of petrol on a motorway is one of life’s ‘grit your teeth and bear it’ moments as we know that all to often we will be paying over the odds for our fuel - and now it’s been revealed how much extra you pay.

How Your Car Tyres Can Get Worse, Even Without Using Them!


As part of October Tyre Safety month, drivers are being warned to check their tyres, even if the car they are on hasn’t left the garage for some time.

Drivers Are Saving Money As Car Insurance Prices Fall


Car insurance premiums are falling across the UK, with an average drop of 9.1%, saving drivers up to £77 per year.

London Ranks As Most Expensive Place To Get Your Car Fixed


Car repair prices in the UK are under scrutiny after it was revealed that a postcode lottery can see drivers in different parts of the country paying vastly different amounts for repairs.

Mercedes-Benz App Will Help Locate Safe Parking Spots


An in-car app developed by German motor manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will help drivers select a safe parking spot based on the local crime rates.

Small Petrol Boost For Drivers As Supermarkets Cut Prices


Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are all cutting the cost of petrol by 2p per litre, but experts are warning that the reductions will be short lived.

Why A No-Deal Brexit May Add To Your Car Insurance Costs


British drivers wanting to drive in Europe may have to apply for a driving ‘Green Card’ if a Brexit agreement cannot be met between the UK and EU politicians.