Jaguar Will Go All-Electric By 2025


One of the UK’s biggest luxury car brands, Jaguar, has announced that its line-up will become all-electric by 2025.

Nissan Celebrate One Million Crossovers


The British public have demonstrated their love for affordable Japanese crossovers after after Nissan announced that they have sold one million to UK customers.

Ambulance To Be Powered By Hydrogen


A zero-emission ambulance powered by ultra-high-tech hydrogen fuel cells is expected to be attending emergencies across the UK’s capital later this year after a leading fuel pioneer announced it had reached a historic agreement.

Gotcha - Leaked Email Reveals Truth Behind Speeding Fines


A controversial email allegedly issued by one of the UK’s biggest police forces has revealed that speed camera van operators are being ordered to catch more drivers and drive up revenues.

Can You Afford Clean Air Zones?


A new report from one of the biggest motoring organisations in the UK has warned that more than half a million drivers could be priced off the road due to excessive clean air zone charges.

Oil Companies Should Install Electric Chargers Says Think-Tank


With the world’s major oil companies scrambling for one last foot-hold in the automotive sector before petrol and diesel cars are banned in 2030, one think-tank has suggested that the likes of Shell and BP should be forced to install electric chargers.

Essential Workers Can Now Take Driving Tests


Learner drivers working in the NHS that respond to ‘threats of life’ can now get access to a limited number of theory and practical test slots after the DVSA introduced the option for essential workers.

Is £20m Enough For EV Infrastructure?


The UK’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps may be celebrating a ‘world-leading’ charging network as he announced a further £20m funding for local authorities, but an influential think-tank has said that the country is not ready for all-electric by 2030.

2020 Was Worst Year Since 1984 For Car Production


The perfect storm of Brexit, Covid, and EV uncertainty helped contribute to the worst year for car production for 36 years in 2020.

EVs Will Be Top Choice By 2025 Says Data


Analysis from one of UK motoring’s most trusted sources has pointed to electric vehicle sales overtaking combustion engines within four years, with interest in EVs and PHEVs on a huge upward trend.