Jaguar Land Rover Wins Breakthrough Copyright Case


British car giant Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has won a landmark ruling against a Chinese motor manufacturer which was producing cheap replicas of their top marque models.

Could Your EV Sell Electricity Back To The Grid?


French car manufacturer Renault is trialling a scheme across Europe which will allow drivers of electric vehicles to sell their cars battery power back to the grid at times of high electricity demand.

Skoda: From Car To Postbox


A new innovation from Skoda could see the boot of the car used as place for couriers and postmen to collect and deliver parcels.

Dishonest Drivers Leaving Dents In Cars


Almost one in seven British motorists say they wouldn’t admit to denting someone else’s car says a new survey.

Young Drivers Ignorant Of Car Maintenance Says Study


A generation of UK drivers is exposing themselves to potential fines and major repair bills as they have no basic car maintenance knowledge.

Volvo Works With Virtual Pedestrians


Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has taken extreme safety measures to ensure their driverless car testing goes without endangering lives.

Brits Know Their Stuff When It Comes To Buying Cars


British car buyers are more than sensible when purchasing their new cars according to a new survey which has revealed the buying habits of the UK population.

Infiniti Loses Buzz In Europe As Nissan Pulls Premier Brand


Workers at Nissan’s Sunderland plant are facing the prospect of redundancy once again after the company announced that Infiniti cars will no longer be sold in Western Europe.

Tesla Keeps Stores Open But Hikes Prices


US electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced a u-turn on its store closure programme, but at the same time revealed it will be raising prices by three per cent on many of its models.

Petrol Prices On The Rise Again As Retailers Blasted For Greed


After a three month period of falling fuel prices, the price of petrol is on the rise once again due to higher wholesale costs.