BMW To Cap EV Range At 375 Miles


German luxury brand BMW have announced that they won’t be seeking to further advance their battery technology beyond 375 miles, explaining that the advantages of stopping your vehicle every 300 miles are higher than carrying a huge battery.

Affordable SUV Claims Top Used Car Prize


There are hundreds of used cars, models and trims available for the discerning car buyer to choose from these days, but the motoring experts at What Car? have recognised that one stands out above all the rest.

Does Your Car Have Facial Recognition?


Hyundai’s premium car brand spin-off, Genesis, has promised to take their autotech to the next level with the introduction of facial recognition on its all-new crossover, the GV60.

£75m Investment In Charging Infrastructure


The UK’s growing network of electric vehicle chargers have received a timely boost with the news that a British company plans to extend the number of chargers by 1500.

Could Driving In Jeans Land You A Fine?


Whether you believe you are making a fashion statement or are simply a fashion victim, our wardrobe choices before getting the behind the wheel of a car could be more important than you might think.

Record-Breaking Drop In Car Emissions


A major new report has highlighted how the EV and PHEV market maturity is impacting CO2 emissions from vehicles to such an extent that we are now seeing double-digit drops year-on-year.

Green Campaigners Target Volkswagen


A landmark court case in Germany has seen one of the world’s leading environmental groups go head-to-head with one of the planet's biggest car brands, accusing them of breaking climate laws and endangering the planet.

How SUV To EV Could Save The Planet


Motorists across the world are being encouraged to make the green switch to zero emission electric vehicles, but there remains a stubborn sector of car owners who will refuse to give up their big dirty SUVs.

EVs Rarely Run Out Of Power Says AA


Worries about an electric vehicle running out of battery power and leaving drivers stranded are unfounded, says one of the UK motoring breakdown firms.

Mercedes Develops Car That Can Read Your Mind


A car driven by mind-control may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but Mercedes-Benz have developed technology which can do just that.