British Crowdfunding Firm Takes EV Charging Mobile


With Britain heading towards a shortage of EV car chargers, one UK-based tech start-up believes it has developed an answer.

Don’t Fall ‘Fowl’ Of Too Much Turkey On Christmas Day


A leading nutritionist has warned that overindulging on Christmas Day and then driving could be as dangerous as drink driving.

Pothole Compensation Up By 300% On Major Roads


As Britain braces itself for a winter of bad weather, Highways England has revealed that the taxpayer is still counting the cost of last year’s ‘Beast From The East’, with pothole claims on the country’s damaged motorways and A roads at record levels.

MPs Bid To Save Motor Manufacturing From ‘Hard Brexit’


With the UK’s motor manufacturing industry teetering on the brink of disaster, a group of 60 MPs have written a letter to the Prime Minister warning of dire consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

Are You Ready For Frantic Friday?


Whilst ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ may be playing on the radio, it might be Chris Rea’s other classic driving song that will be more appropriate as traffic levels rise.

Stricter Drink Drive Laws Have Not Worked Says Report


A respected medical journal has published a report which suggests that Scotland’s stricter drink-drive limits have not had an affect on the rate of road traffic accidents.

Damning Reports Shows Extent Of Blue Badge Bay Problems


British motorists are paying the penalty for parking in disabled bays to the tune of £4.2m a year according to a new report looking at blue badge and disabled parking issues.

Ford Creates Zombie Drivers With ‘Sleep Suit’


Ford Motor Company is highlighting the dangers of driving when tired by devising a suit which simulates extreme exhaustion.

Ban PHEVs From Charging Points Says New Report


Hybrid vehicles could be banned from charging their cars at public EV points if the recommendations on a major new report are undertaken.

Is Your Car Number Plate Legal?


British drivers are unaware of whether their car number plate is legal or not, a new survey has revealed.