From Spaghetti Junction To Lasagna


A new campaign aimed at reducing collisions on the country’s motorway network has uncovered a shocking number of dangerous driving incidents, including a trucker eating lasagna with a knife and fork while he was driving.

Major EV Boost On Home Charging


A record number of government grants for home charging devices were made in 2020, another example of the continuing growth of electrification of the British driving public.

Pope Set To Go Electric


The Catholic church may be famous for blowing white smoke to signal the arrival of a new Pope, but the Vatican City will soon be emission free as the all-new Popemobile looks likely to be a 0-60mph SUV designed by the man who has worked with James Bond.

One In Four To Make EV Switch


The British public is warming to the idea of owning an electric vehicle, with 6.5m households planning on making the switch within the next five years according to energy industry watchdog Ofgem.

Supercar Brand Confirms Route To Electric Avenue


The roar of the engine and the smell of the gasoline will be a thing of the past for Lamborghini fans soon as the brand announces that it is developing electric and hybrid powertrains.

Speeding Versus Knife Crime - Which Is Worse?


One of the UK’s leading police chiefs has compared those who break the speed limit to those who carry knives and said that thousands of drivers are ‘weaponising’ their cars.

Thousands Of Vehicles Go SORN In 2020


The Covid-19 lockdown didn’t just hit car sales and car production in 2020, the number of registered vehicles in the UK also fell dramatically as the savvy driving public took their vehicles off the road to save money.

EU Approval For Speed Limiters


All new cars will be fitted with speed limiting technology from 2022 after the European Parliament approved legislation with the aim of making roads safer and reducing carbon emissions.

Goodbye Renault Sport


Boy-racers and speed freaks will be weeping into their burnt rubber today with the news that French motor manufacturer Renault is shuttering its iconic ‘Sport’ brand.

Land Rover - Now With Added Rust


Fans of the Land Rover Defender who are pining for a new vehicle, but want one that has that ‘lived-in’ look can achieve their dreams thanks to a classic car specialist.