Van Drivers Flouting Mobile Phone Laws


A new study has revealed that the UK’s fleet of van drivers is continuing to use mobile phones whilst driving, despite the risk of losing their licence.

Safety Systems Need Warning Light Says Thatcham


One of the country’s leading experts on car safety has called for better technology to alert drivers when advanced driver assistance systems are not working properly.

New ‘Greener’ Petrol Could Destroy 700,000 Cars


A new bio-fuel set to be introduced to petrol station forecourts within the next year could wreck the engines of hundreds of thousands of older vehicles.

Do Drivers Of More Expensive Cars Drive More Dangerously?


It’s a widely held belief among many members of society that BMW and Audi drivers have a certain personality trait and now a study at the University of Helsinki appears to confirm that.

Smart Motorways Closed For More Than A Month Due To Broken Down Vehicles


New data published by the AA has revealed that on one section of ‘smart motorway’ in the UK, there were a total 945 hours of delays in a two-year period due to cars breaking down in live lanes.

The Mystery Of The Six-Wheeled Range Rover


An internet mystery which has sparked debate as to whether Land Rover were secretly developing a six-wheeled SUV may have been solved.

London Enjoys First Week As 20mph Zone


Drivers in London have had to endure another kick in the teeth this week with the introduction of a new 20 mile per hour speed limits across the Congestion Charging Zone.

The Great Pothole Dilemma


Despite the government pledging almost £500m to fix the UK’s ailing roads, a new investigation has revealed that the country’s roads could see a 16 per cent rise in potholes within ten years.

The True Cost Of Charging Your EV


One of the biggest concerns for those thinking of buying an electric car is the cost of charging your car at home and one the road - what are the real costs?

Confused Over What Fuel Your Next Car Will Be?


One in three drivers are unsure over whether they will be buying a petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric engine when they next change their car according to a new survey.