Why Owning A Car Is Now More Important Than Ever


The global pandemic has made the UK public more reliant on their own mode of transport more than ever according to a new set of research from the RAC.

Don’t Get Scammed By Fake Parking Tickets


UK drivers are being warned about a new parking ticket scam which claims to be from HM Courts and Tribunals service.

Can Aston Martin Become ‘Greatest Luxury Car Brand’?


After the recent partnership deal with Mercedes Benz, UK classic car manufacturer, Aston Martin is aiming to become one of the greatest luxury car brands in the world according to the company’s chief executive.

Do You Know The New Highway Code Rules?


A new ‘hierarchy of road users’ could cause chaos on the roads unless motorists are better educated on what changes have been made to the Highway Code according to road safety experts.

Do You Drive A Zombie Car?


If you drive a car which is discontinued from sale by the manufacturer then you own what is known as a ‘zombie car’ and the good news is that they are as popular as ever.

Which Area Of The UK Has Most ‘No Claims’ On Insurance?


Drivers on the south coast of England could be amongst the safest in the UK if a new set of car insurance data is to be believed?

Worrying Trend As Cameras Replace Cops In Enforcement


While there were a record number of speeding tickets in England and Wales last year, official figures published this week reveal that roadside breath tests are at their lowest figure since 2002.

Should Learning To Drive Be Made More Difficult?


With the UK government currently considering making changes to the process of learning to drive, a new survey has found out what measures some would be happy to introduce.

Driverless Car Trials Begin In UK


Roads across the United Kingdom are being used as a live test track from this week, as a government backed project sees ‘driverless’ vehicles used for the first time.

Tesla Recognised As Global Brand


An influential list of the world’s biggest brands has finally recognised Tesla as a leading name after ignoring the innovative American car manufacturer for the last two years.