Ford Fiesta Was The No.1 Selling Car In First Half Of 2018


The motor industry has suffered a slump in sales for the opening six months of 2018, with almost every one of the UK’s top selling cars suffering a sales drop.

Hybrid’s To Avoid 2040 Ban


Hybrid owners and manufacturers received a small boost this week as the Government's Transport Czar revealed that they will not be banned by the same legislation which will kill off petrol and diesel cars.

Jaguar Land Rover Braced For Bad Brexit Deal


Jaguar Land Rover has warned that it may end investment in the UK if a Brexit deal is unfavourable to the company.

Why These White Lies Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance


As many as 70 per cent of UK drivers believe that it is okay to tell lies on their car insurance application - even if they are risking their policy being invalid.

How To Cool Your Car Down In The Heatwave


With the UK in the middle of one of its longest heat waves in living memory, many of the nation’s drivers are suffering under a pool of sweat.

AA Calls For Pothole Avoidance To Be Added To Driving Test


With the UK’s road network crumbling under the strain of poor funding more and more drivers are encountering potholes and bad surfaces, to such an extent that one motoring firm is calling on learner drivers to be able to spot holes in the road.

How To Keep Your Car Healthy In The Heat


The UK heatwave is testing even the most reliable of cars, so what can you do to keep your car ticking over in the hottest of weather?

Nissan Freezes UK Investment Following Brexit Uncertainty


Japanese car brand Nissan has called on the UK Government to clear up confusion over how Brexit will work amid claims it could cost the motoring industry millions.

Has UK Government Done A U-Turn Over Diesel?


After months of uncertainty and negativity surrounding the future of diesel engines, the UK’s Transport Secretary has unexpectedly given a thumbs up for the maligned fuel.

How To Drive Safely In A Heatwave


With the temperatures set to soar in the UK this week, the nation’s drivers are being warned that driving in hot weather can affect our driving skills.