Are You Amongst The UK’s Unluckiest Drivers? It Depends Where You Live!


A new study has revealed that drivers in certain parts of the UK are unluckier than others when it comes to picking up problems related to driving.

Sir Richard Branson Calls For Petrol and Diesel Ban By 2025


Virgin’s high-flying business boss, Sir Richard Branson, has called on the UK government to ban combustion engines, by 2025.

AA Chief Says M6 Toll Plan ‘Makes No Sense’


Plans to increase the traffic volume on the M6 Toll by improving signage won’t work according to a leading motoring chief.

What Is The Most Economical Car Of 2018?


Fuel economy is likely to be one of the hottest motoring topics of the summer, with petrol and diesel prices soaring and the forecourts across the UK becoming a real price battleground.

What Is The Most Popular Car On Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels around. We use it for sharing pictures of our favourite meals, images of our loved ones and photos of our holidays. It’s used to share images of the things we love, and that includes our cars.

BMW Reveals Wireless Charging Technology


German manufacturer BMW has revealed a handy piece of kit for their electric vehicles with the launch of wireless charging.

Skoda Octavia Claims ‘Car of the Year’ Prize


Skoda are claiming a huge victory after claiming the coveted ‘Car of the Year’ award at a respected industry awards ceremony.

Speeding Drivers Could Swap Fines And Points For A Warning


Drivers in Scotland could be given a slap on the wrist in the form of an official warning if caught speeding in a planned shake-up of motoring offences.

One In Four New Vehicles Sold In US Will Be Driverless By 2026


A quarter of new cars sold in the US will be driverless, with five million sold in 2026 according to a new report.

Emergency Braking Was Disabled On Self-Driving Uber Fatality


An investigation into the crash which saw a self-driving Uber vehicle hit and kill a female pedestrian in the United States has found that the vehicle’s emergency brakes were disabled.