C4 Picasso Claims Joint Award For Best Medium MPV


Citroën’s popular MPV models, C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso, have jointly won the ‘Best Medium MPV’ award in DieselCar & EcoCar Magazine’s ‘Top 50’ for 2018.

Audi Aims To Sell 800,000 Electrified Cars In 2025


German carmaker Audi has announced plans to produce and sell 800,000 fully electric vehicles and hybrids in 2025.

Why Your Pet Passengers Could Land You A Hefty Fine


British motorists are risking their insurance premium and the prospect of a hefty fine by allowing their pets to travel unrestrained.

Motordepot to Create up to 100 Jobs in Goole


Black Is The Colour Of Choice For UK Car Buying Public


When Henry Ford made his famous ‘you can have any colour so long as it is black’ comment, little did he know that more than 100 years later it would be still ringing true.

Average Speed Cameras - What You Need To Know


The UK’s road network is seeing an increasing number of average speed cameras, as road safety experts move away from the traditional GATSO cameras - but what do you know about the rules of driving in average speed camera zones?

Motordepot to Sponsor Hull Kingston Rovers


Motordepot to become new main shirt sponsor at Hull Kingston Rovers

Why Insurance Companies Could Decide Your Future Route To Work


The future of automated vehicles is exciting many, with the prospect of a driverless car one thought to be the betterment of road travel overall. But transport expert are suggesting drivers will have even less control over their travel plans than even they might think.

Lexus CT Mk1 Is Named Most Reliable Used Car In Survey


A major survey of driver satisfaction in the UK has revealed the top ten used cars to own - and a Lexus has come top of the class.

Speeding Expectant Father Faces £2,500 Punishment


An expectant father caught speeding on the UK motorway network, after his wife went into labour on the passenger seat, is facing a day in court and a hefty fine of £2,500.