Pay Attention: Your Car Is Watching You


Technology which has been developed to see how distracted a driver is could be the latest weapon in the ongoing battle to make driving safer thanks to Volvo.

Is Tesla World’s Most Popular EV?


American car brand Tesla may be leading the way in providing innovative electric vehicle solutions across the UK, but are they the most popular EV marque on the planet?

Budget Car Brand Promises Most Affordable EV In Europe


As the cost of purchasing remains one of the number one barriers to buying an electric vehicle, one of the market’s most economical brands is promising an electric revolution.

Commuters Ditch Public Transport


More people are driving to work than ever before according to research by one of the UK’s biggest parking providers.

Skoda Claims Car Of The Year Award


2020 hasn’t been the greatest year for motor manufacturing, but the awards industry still has the opportunity to name their favourite cars and Auto Express has named the Skoda Octavia as their car of the year.

Shocking Rise In Parking Camera Applications


They are the scourge of hospital and supermarket car parks across the country, but new research shows that ANPR applications have risen by 61 per cent in the last two years.

Renault Invents Pollution Lollipop


Parents and children across the UK will be able to instantly measure the level of air pollution at their school gates after a French car company devised an innovative twist on the traditional school crossing ‘lollipop’.

New Ratings For Self-Driving Cars


Can a car really drive itself? If you were to believe some of the marketing material pumped out by the biggest car manufacturers you might believe so. A leading car safety body has set out to reveal which vehicles have the best assisted driving technology.

JLR On A Roll As Demand Increases


Despite a gloomy forecast from the motor industry, Jaguar Land Rover have been encouraged by a major increase in sales in the third quarter of 2020.

Prime Minister Aims To Unite The Country With Transport Links


Boris Johnson has promised to bring together the four members of the United Kingdom by building better transport links.