Solar Powered EV Makes UK Debut


A solar electric car from Holland has been one of the stars of the show at this month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Why First Time Buyers Need To Do Their Research


Newly qualified drivers are so keen to make their first car purchase that they often fail to do enough research ahead of buying.

London Drivers Racked Up Almost 1.5million Penalty Charge Notices In One Year


Driving in the UK’s capital city is proving to be as costly as ever as eagle-eyed CCTV cameras have increased moving traffic contraventions by 30 per cent.

Transport Chiefs Call For Pothole Plan


A UK Government transport committee has published a report which aims to help councils better deal with the growing problem of potholes on the nation’s roads.

Surprise Car Brand Named Most Reliable Of 2019


An unexpected name has shot to the top of the list of most reliable car brands in the UK, according to a respected poll of car owners.

BMW Expects Electric Vehicle Demand To Double In Three Years


The German manufacturer’s promise for 25 new electric vehicles is ahead of plan as demand increases.

Government Stats Reveal Worrying Trend For Speeding


The latest data for speed limits in the UK has revealed that more than half of car users are exceeding the speed limit in 30mph zones and almost half are speeding on motorways.

Find Out How This Insect Could Cause Serious Damage To Your Car This Summer


Drivers across the UK are being warned that a swarm of greenfly could be set to cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to cars, with paint-eating poo a major danger.

JCB Clocked Doing More Than 100mph


UK tractor manufacturer JCB have set a new land-speed record for tractors after TV speed freak, Guy Martin, drove the big yellow ‘JCB Fastrac’ into the record books.

London’s ‘Car Free Day’ Could Cause ‘Travel Chaos’


A ban on vehicles in a large area of central London could cause travel chaos and is a meaningless gesture according to campaigners and experts.