Motorists Face Long Wait For Cheaper EVs


Electric cars will not be more affordable than their fossil fuel rivals anytime soon according to a new study from a Euro clean transport campaign group.

Porsche Best For Holding Value Says New Report


The worry of a car losing its value over time and miles may be a myth for some car owners, particularly as new research shows that some vehicles perform very well when it comes to depreciation.

Gap Narrows On EV Versus ICE Insurance Costs


The debate on whether it is cheaper to run an electric vehicle or a combustion engine is set to continue with the latest figures suggesting that the costs for both engine types are getting closer than ever.

What Costs More To Run? Electric or Petrol?


A surprising new body of research has revealed that some electric cars may cost more overall than petrol or diesel motors.

UK Car Boost As Lotus Commits To UK


British motor manufacturing has received a major shot in the arm after Lotus revealed that it is to invest £2.5bn in their Norfolk plant, with the aim of building a range of electric sports cars in the UK.

Yaris Rated Most Reliable Car


A newly published index of Britain’s most reliable cars has found that a small city-car at the bottom of the budget end of the market proves to be sailing through when it comes to repairs.

What Caused Major Drop In CO2 Emissions?


Motoring analysts across Europe have been investigating a 12 per cent fall in carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, with the global pandemic thought to be at the heart of the spike.

Millions Are Driving Without MOT


The Covid-enforced lockdown across the UK has created a problem of more than half a million vehicles on British roads that are unroadworthy according to one of the country’s biggest MOT testers.

Should Cyclists Need Insurance?


The eternal battle between motorists and cyclists shows no signs of letting up, with a new survey revealing the depth of feeling car drivers have for those who ride bikes.

Chip Fat Fuel Unhealthy For The Environment Says Report


Hailed by many as a greener alternative to fossil fuels, cooking oil is under attack from environmental campaigners as it could be leading to deforestation around the world.