Got A Parking Fine? Let A Robot Sort It Out!


An all-new ‘robo lawyer’ app could help millions of Britain’s drivers avoid having to pay parking fines.

DVLA Reveals Worst Fraud Scams


Britain’s driver are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters using ever more sophisticated methods according to information released by the DVLA.

Dodgy Road Signs To Be Fixed With New Campaign


Drivers across the UK are being asked to back a new campaign which will see some of the country’s worst roads signs reported to Highways England.

Is Your Town On The DVLA Hitlist?


The DVLA has announced that it is targeting twenty areas of the UK in a crackdown on untaxed vehicles in the coming weeks.

Why Do Ubers Make Britain’s Roads Safer?


Ride-hailing service may have had its critics and be facing a ban from the streets of London, but influential research from the University of Oxford has found that there may be a link to a reduction in road injuries.

Park-Strife: How Bad Parking Is Costing Britain’s Drivers Billions


Britain’s drivers have a problem parking their cars according to a new survey, and it is coming at a cost with an annual repair bill of almost £1.5 billion.

Electric Vehicles Versus The Cold Weather


While the electric vehicle revolution brings many benefits including cheaper fuel and less emissions, there are still some negatives to be considered, especially when the weather turns cold.

Used Car Boom Continues Says Report


New figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that UK confidence in the used car market has continued through the past twelve months, with buoyant sales in all areas.

Motoring Body Critical Of Government Zero Emissions Plan


The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has called the UK government’s plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032 as a ‘date without a plan’.

Nissan Engine Sounds Help Children Sleep


Kids falling asleep in cars is one of the tricks of the trade for frustrated parents struggling to get their little ones to doze off, and now a new ‘Drive Drive’ engine from Nissan will create hypnotic sounds to send babies and toddlers to sleep more often.