Do You Know How To Drive In Snow And Ice?


As the British winter continues to hit hard through January, many drivers are finding themselves out of their comfort zone on the slippery and slidy roads. But would you know how best to prepare for driving in wintry conditions?

UK To Push Ahead With Hands-Free Driving


Drivers in Britain could be allowed to text while driving as early as this summer if the government confirms the use of Automated Lane Keeping Systems.

Councils To Be Given More Powers To Fine Drivers


Stopping in a box junction in the UK could now be a costly exercise after the government confirmed long term rumours that councils would be able to issue fines for moving traffic contraventions.

Used Car Market Will Speed Up EV Adoption Says Report


A global consumer survey has revealed that car buyers in the UK are unlikely to make the switch to an electric vehicle until the purchase price drops below the £20,000 mark, meaning that currently many are priced out of going green.

One Million Jobs At Risk Says Former Aston Martin Boss


The UK automotive industry could be crippled within five years unless it can build four huge battery factories to deal with the increased demand in electric vehicles, says one of the industry’s leading voices.

Romanian Budget Brand Named Car of the Year


One of the most affordable cars on the market in the UK has collected one of the biggest awards in automotive after collecting the What Car? Car of the Year.

Can Volkswagen Overtake Tesla As Top EV Brand?


Watch out Elon, a German is hard on your shoulder and could be about to overtake as the world’s No.1 EV brand.

Next Monday Is Most Dangerous Day To Drive


If UK lockdown wasn’t excuse enough to stay off the roads, new research has revealed that Monday 18th January is the most dangerous day to drive on the road.

Drivers Pay The Price For Pandemic Petrol


New analysis from the end of 2020 has shown that supermarket petrol prices were not in line with actual price of oil and that retailers were penalising drivers ahead of anticipated lockdowns.

2020 Was Worst Year This Century For New Car Sales


British car buyers turned away from purchasing new cars in the last 12 months, though sales of used and nearly new cars remained strong as forward-thinking companies such as Motor Depot found innovative ways to keep their customers happy.