Transport Secretary Fast-Tracks Smart Motorway Changes


Smart motorway development across England will be halted unless new radar technology is installed.

Will Covid Increase Polluting School Runs?


Headteachers across the UK are concerned that over-protective parents may be damaging the health of children by increasing polluting vehicle journeys too and from schools.

Which Vehicles Are Top Of The MOT Class?


The dreaded MOT is a major source of motoring stress for many drivers, but new analysis from an influential consumer group could help you make the right choice when buying your next car and take away some of those nerves.

Drivers Over 70 Don’t Deserve Discrimination Says Campaigner


New road restrictions should not single out older drivers says a motoring campaigner, ahead of a consultation period which is likely to bring in more barriers to driving for the over-70s.

No Trust In Smart Motorways Finds Report


A major new poll by one of the UK’s biggest road safety charities has found an almost complete lack of confidence in the country’s smart motorway infrastructure, with almost nine out of ten respondents calling on the government to halt further construction of the controversial highways.

Have You Been Stung By Increase In Road Tax?


Millions of car owners in the UK will be hit with higher road tax bills this month as the Government introduces the higher Vehicle Excise Duty charges.

UK Ready To Splash Cash On New Cars


The British public is under starters to orders to begin spending, with retailers due to open their doors next week, and the word on the street is that almost half of those who have saved money recently are keen to spend it on a new car.

Why Are Fuel Prices Rocketing?


Motorists who are looking to return to some sort of normality in their cars as lockdown is eased could be set for a shock at the fuel pump with news that petrol has risen by 12.2p per litre in just the last five months.

Harry Potter Car Remains In Chamber Of Secrets


A vintage Ford Anglia made famous in the Harry Potter movies has done a disappearing act and may never return to action after a car thief refused to reveal its whereabouts.

New Mirror Tech Is Great For Cyclists


Cyclists and van drivers may often be at loggerheads over who has right of way in crowded and congested urban spaces, but new technology revealed by Ford this week should make driving safer for all road users.