Dodgy Brakes Causing Accident Hell Across The UK


The Department for Transport has published a list of vehicle defects which are most responsible for causing accidents across the UK and it is no surprise that brakes and tyres are top of the list.

The 12 Greatest Roundabouts Of Britain


To many roundabouts are simply another obstacle in a daily journey of getting from A to B, but to the experts at the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society they are a real thing of beauty and to celebrate their annual calendar they have revealed their top 12.

Why Fewer Dirty Vehicles Are Costing Transport For London


London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone has had an immediate effect on the number of polluting vehicles entering the centre of the capital according to most recent figures.

Why Are New Drivers Losing Their Licences?


New data obtained by a leading road safety charity has revealed the number of new drivers losing their driving licence within two years of passing their test.

Smart Motorways Are Unsafe Say UK Drivers


A new survey published this week has revealed the lack of confidence UK drivers have in the government’s so-called smart motorways.

Where Is The Best Place To Charge Your Electric Car?


A new survey has published the best rated charge-point operators and it is good news for Tesla owners.

US Report Suggests Parents Should Watch Their Kids Driving


Using a dashcam to monitor the driving habits is being encouraged in an effort to reduce young driver accidents new research suggests.

Why It Could Soon Be Legal To Text While Driving


Fancy watching a movie whilst behind the wheel? Sending an email? Reading a book? It might sound a wacky suggestion but a new report suggests that ‘limited automation’ might be closer than we think.

No-Deal Brexit Will Hurt UK Car Workers Say Chiefs


The financial implications of a no-deal Brexit on the UK car industry will be felt in the pocket of the workers building some of the country’s most iconic cars according to bosses at both BMW and Jaguar Land Rover.

Brits ‘Overpay’ £675million On Car Insurance Every Year


More than six million UK drivers every year are forgetting to change their insurance provider leading to an annual cost of £675million in missed savings.