Government Urged To Address PHEV Slump


A major car brand has called on the UK government to address a sharp drop in the registration of PHEV vehicles following the scrapping of incentives in favour of pure-electric cars.

How To Keep Your Child Car Seat Clean


A shocking report has revealed that only one in ten parents admit to have cleaned their child’s car seat at least once a year.

Want To Pass Your MOT? Here’s The Cars That Are Experts


When it comes to passing an MOT not all cars are born equal, the simple facts of the matter are that some cars are simply better equipped at passing the dreaded test.

Vauxhall Chief Makes UK Plant Threat


As the ongoing uncertainty over the conditions of Brexit persist, one major motoring manufacturer has admitted that more than 1,000 jobs could be at risk.

Why Speed Limiting Technology Is Just Around The Corner


New European legislation which will limit the speed of all new cars from 2022 is easier to implement than first thought says a leading motoring expert.

Britain’s Roads Are Safest In Europe, But More Needs To Be Done


Road safety campaigners are calling on the Government to make changes to policy in the wake of a minimal reduction casualties in the last year.

Seatbelt Penalty Will Soon Mean Points


A proposed change to the driving laws will see drivers caught not wearing a seatbelt given points on their licence in addition to a financial penalty.

The Curious Case Of The Red Mazda


A young couple from Exmouth found themselves on the wrong-end of a bizarre loophole which left them unable to use their garage and driveway.

BMW Teases New Look Steering Wheel


The future of motoring from German manufacturer BMW will take different shapes if the company’s new iNEXT is going to be the template.

R3VEA13D: The 10 Most Expensive Number Plates Ever Sold


Cherished number plates are big business with the DVLA raking in extra funds from the sale of personalised number and letter combinations - but what are the most expensive ever?