Which EV Charge Points Are Rated Best?


An annual survey of the UK’s network of EV charge point suppliers has revealed that some providers give their customers a buzz, whilst other leave users feeling flat.

Electric Vehicle Owners Are Hooked Says Poll


Less than ten per cent of drivers who have bought an electric vehicle say they would consider a switch back to a petrol or diesel engine according to a poll published this week.

Powerful New Headlights Could Be Blinding Drivers Says Surgeon


The sale of LED and Xenon car headlights should be better regulated says one of the UK’s leading eye surgeons, who believes that badly fitted lights could pose a danger on the roads.

How To Keep Your Car Running During Christmas Lockdown


With millions of Brits staying at home on Christmas Day there’s likely to be a record low number of cars on the roads, but if you do need to venture out, the RAC has put together a handy checklist to ensure you don’t get frozen in.

Extra Checkpoints Set Up To Catch Drink Drivers


A Christmas tipple with the family could be more costly than you think this festive season as police patrols are stepped up with the aim of cracking down on drink driving.

Are Brits Ready For Pay-As-You-Drive?


A major new survey has found a surprising number of British motorists would be happy to pay charges for every mile that they drive, as a replacement for lost fuel tax revenues.

Massive Spike In Bogus DVLA Emails and Texts


British drivers are being exposed to a huge rise in fraudulent messages from the DVLA, with scammers targeting unknowing motorists via sophisticated ‘warnings’.

Are Smart Motorways The Smart Choice?


As the government launches a new campaign to educate drivers on how to use smart motorways, the wife of a man who died on a smart motorway has remained critical of the systems.

Has Covid Curtailed Charging Point Infrastructure


As the sales of EVs has continued to rise through 2020, the infrastructure to meet the charging demand for the same number of vehicles has failed to keep up according to an influential think tank.

Could Ssangyong Save Mitsubishi In The UK?


The future of popular 4x4 brand Mitsubishi in the UK looks bleak, despite ongoing talks between the Japanese car brand and a potential suitor.