Millions Of Foreign Drivers Are Dodging Crossing Charges


One of the busiest stretches of road in the UK, the Dartford Crossing, is short of more than £200m in unpaid fines after foreign drivers blatantly disregard the charges to cross.

Are Electric Cars Cheaper To Own And Run?


A new study is claiming that electric cars are cheaper to own and run in five major European countries - including the UK.

Britain Leading The Way In Driverless Revolution


A new report on the future of driverless cars has revealed that the UK is leading the way in legislation but could be held back by the poor state of its roads and 4G network.

The Dangers Of An Overloaded Van


A new study has underlined the potential dangers a heavily loaded van can create if the driver does not take into consideration the increased stopping distances.

Passengers To Trial Driverless Cars At UK Airport


A UK airport is bringing driverless car technology to the public domain by ferrying passengers around in futuristic pods which will allow ‘in-built check-in’ for a stress free arrival.

Driverless Cars Could Cause Traffic Chaos Says Top Professor


Driverless car technology may be in the not too distant future, but one traffic expert is claiming that the introduction of the controversial vehicles could leave the road network gridlocked.

Has Your Street Been ‘Blacklisted’ By Road Gritters?


Councils across the UK are warning that roads will not be gritted if cars are parked dangerously, putting innocent drivers at risk in the middle of the current cold snap.

Worrying Survey Shows Seat Belt Laws Are Being Ignored


On the anniversary of the seat belt laws being introduced, a new survey by a road safety charity suggests that some are still ignorant to the law.

The Moral Dilemma Of Driverless Cars


A new survey has found that in a future of driverless cars motorists will put a child pedestrian’s safety before their own if a crash was inevitable.

Are Policing Cuts Making Our Roads Dangerous?


A senior police spokesman has called for the government to reverse the decline in dedicated road traffic officers suggesting that less police is making for dangerous roads.