Average Speed Cameras - What You Need To Know


The UK’s road network is seeing an increasing number of average speed cameras, as road safety experts move away from the traditional GATSO cameras - but what do you know about the rules of driving in average speed camera zones?

Motordepot to Sponsor Hull Kingston Rovers


Motordepot to become new main shirt sponsor at Hull Kingston Rovers

Why Insurance Companies Could Decide Your Future Route To Work


The future of automated vehicles is exciting many, with the prospect of a driverless car one thought to be the betterment of road travel overall. But transport expert are suggesting drivers will have even less control over their travel plans than even they might think.

Lexus CT Mk1 Is Named Most Reliable Used Car In Survey


A major survey of driver satisfaction in the UK has revealed the top ten used cars to own - and a Lexus has come top of the class.

Speeding Expectant Father Faces £2,500 Punishment


An expectant father caught speeding on the UK motorway network, after his wife went into labour on the passenger seat, is facing a day in court and a hefty fine of £2,500.

Road Debris Responsible For More Than Half Of UK’s Tyre Punctures


A major new survey by a major tyre brand and Highways England has revealed that 56 per cent of punctures and blowouts are caused by objects cutting tyres whilst driving at speeds of 60-70mph.

How Ford Has Created Windows That Allow Blind Passengers To ‘Feel The View’


Ford Motor Group has launched a smart piece of technology which could allow passengers with visual impairments to enjoy the view of the scenery around them.

British Tesla Driver Banned After Travelling In Passenger Seat


A British Tesla driver has received an 18-month driving ban after being spotted sat in the passenger seat of his vehicle whilst the car was on autopilot.

Car Manufacturers Encouraged To Fit Cycle Detection Systems


European car manufacturers are being encouraged to fit the latest bicycle detection technology in order to meet the top safety ratings for vehicles.

Nissan Jobs Blow For UK Production


Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has delivered a job blow to the UK car market by announcing that it is cutting hundreds of jobs at the Sunderland car plant.