Rookie Drivers Face Six Month Wait


The covid lockdown in the UK has had many devastating effects on motoring in the UK, and with both production and sales struggling to bounce back from a turbulent year, there is now a backlog of wannabe-drivers stalling demand.

Electric Versus Petrol: What’s Cheaper To Run?


A newly published index has made claims that electric vehicles are now cheaper to run than their petrol rivals - but only over a seven year period.

Ford Creates Petrol Perfume


Petrolheads who are crying tears of diesel over the prospect of losing internal combustion engines over the next ten years have been given a small mercy by the world’s largest motoring manufacturer after Ford announced a new petrol scented fragrance.

Which Car Brand Has Had Most Recalls?


Government data published this week has revealed which car manufacturers have been forced to issue the most product recalls, with a surprise name at the top of the table.

ULEZ Rakes In More Than £100m Profit In First Year


Transport solutions in the UK capital should be seeing significant investment after congestion charges in London saw profits jump by £107m thanks to the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Boris Loves Batteries


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has underlined his ambition to turn the UK into a world leader in electric vehicle battery production, throwing his weight behind government investment in a range of gigafactories.

Car Advert Banned For Noisy Engine


A radio advert showcasing the BMW M brand has been banned in the UK after a listener complained that the sound of the engine revving was ‘irresponsible’.

Motorists Versus Cyclists, Part 324


The ongoing battle between motorists and cyclists shows no signs of stopping, with a recent campaign supposedly demonstrating that car drivers don’t understand some of the most widely used road signs.

Motor Brands Need To Up Their Customer Service Game


The last 12 months have not been the easiest for the motoring sector, and now they have received another blow after a customer service champion rated the industry as being on the slide.

Small Citroen AMI Is Big Tech Winner


Citroen’s pioneering super-mini has proven that big things can come from small packages after it picked up a major award for its ground-breaking technology.