One In Five Drink Drive Arrests Are The Morning After


New data released by the government has revealed that a fifth of all drink drive convictions are actually made the morning after a heavy night’s drinking.

Volkswagen Puts Holograms In The Trunk


German car manufacturer Volkswagen has developed a concept car with an additional extra straight out of Star Wars - holograms.

Volkswagen Is Making People Sick


German car manufacturer Volkswagen is taking the unusual step of forcing passengers to get car sick in the name of research.

Are Hi-Tech Cars Pushing Up Our Insurance Premiums?


The cost of repairing the modern day car is on the rise, with new technology ensuring insurers are paying out more than ever to fix our motors.

Ford Developing Robotic Postman


Ford is looking to further their domination of the home delivery industry by building a robot which can independently carry parcels from a self-driving van to your front door.

These Are The Most Relaxing Places To Drive On The Planet


With recent research suggesting that we spend more than eleven days per year stressed out, one car company believes that taking a relaxing drive could be the answer.

Britain’s Biggest Car Park Operator Doesn’t Want To Pay Tax On Parking Overpayments


NCP is making close to £700,000 a year from motorists who don’t have the right change, and they have gone to court to try and avoid payment on the shady bonus.

Warning As Part Worn Tyre Investigation Reveals ‘Dangerous’ Issues


A new investigation by the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed a worrying increase in the sale of unauthorised used tyres, which in some cases could lead to death or serious injury.

How The DVLA Made £16m Last Year By Selling Our Driver Details


The details of 6.8m drivers were sold to private parking firms last year, netting the DVLA a healthy profit and allowing parking companies to chase for fines.

Have You Been Caught By ‘Supercab’?


Highways England have a new weapon to deploy against dangerous drivers - a Heavy Goods Vehicle - which has been in action up and down the M1 this week.