How ‘Connected’ Vehicles Are Identifying ‘Hidden’ Dangers On UK Roads


A major investigation of data from Ford’s connected car network is helping identify some of the key reasons why some roads and junctions are more dangerous than others.

EV Cars Rank Top For Reliability Says Major Survey


An influential survey of car reliability has revealed that the growth of electric vehicles is being reflected in more reliable cars in that category.

Drivers Must Be Given ‘The Right To Plug In’


A leading European motoring organisation has called on leading politicians and decision makers to make the decision of purchasing an electric car an easier decision by making electric charging points more freely available.

Vanquish Gets A New Look From Original Designer


The 2001 Aston Martin Vanquish was one of the highly regarded supercars of the new millennium and now 18 years on it has a new look thanks to its original designer, Ian Callum.

The Rising Cost Of Car Insurance Policy Excess Revealed


A new study has found that the average car insurance policy excess has risen faster than the rate of inflation since 2012.

Are JLR and BMW Set For Closer Partnership?


A leading expert on Jaguar Land Rover believes that the British based company could be forging closer links with their German counterparts, BMW.

UK Supermarkets Failing Blue Badge Holders


A new survey has found that the UK’s biggest supermarkets are failing to enforce blue badge parking laws leaving many disabled motorists without a bay to park in.

Do You Take Selfies While Driving?


A new study has revealed that young drivers are facing increased peer pressure to break the law behind the wheel of their car.

Government Committee Wants To Ban Cars Altogether


A report from an influential Government technology group has advised that a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars should be brought forward to meet clean air targets.

Councils Spending Billions On Britain’s Roads, But Complaints Continue


Local councils in England spent almost £2bn on repairing the nation’s roads in the past two years, but according to new data the complaints from the public continue.