Fail! Here Are The UK’s Top Ten Driving Test Fail Mistakes


More than 50 per cent of the 1.6 million drivers taking their test last year failed, with the DVSA revealing the top ten reasons.

Suzuki Ranks No.1 For Customer Satisfaction


Japanese car brand Suzuki is proving popular with customers yet again after scoring highly for the second time this year in a respected customer satisfaction survey.

Is This The Most Beautiful Electric Car In The World?


A new car brand from eastern Europe is making bold claims that their new electric vehicle is you beautiful ‘you’ll want to lick it.’

Stricter MOT Rules Mean More Fails For UK Drivers


New changes to the MOT test have made it more difficult than ever for drivers to get their car back on the road, with a shocking number of vehicles deemed dangerous.

1.5m UK Households Are Ready For EV Switch Says Survey


The readiness for UK households to switch to electric cars could be higher than thought after a major survey revealed that 1.5million homes are in a great place to go electric.

Dashcam Portal Saving 26 Years Of Police Work


A new website which allows road users to upload dash cam footage of dangerous drivers has saved the police 9,700 days of police time in the first year of action.

Council Funding Cuts Created Eight Million Potholes


A major cut in spending on roadworks by local government has contributed to almost eight million unnecessary potholes according to the latest data.

Solar Powered EV Makes UK Debut


A solar electric car from Holland has been one of the stars of the show at this month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Why First Time Buyers Need To Do Their Research


Newly qualified drivers are so keen to make their first car purchase that they often fail to do enough research ahead of buying.

London Drivers Racked Up Almost 1.5million Penalty Charge Notices In One Year


Driving in the UK’s capital city is proving to be as costly as ever as eagle-eyed CCTV cameras have increased moving traffic contraventions by 30 per cent.