White Is The New Black


‘You can have any car you want, so long as it is white’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Henry Ford’s famous line, but the truth is that white cars are now twice as popular as black ones.

Is Your Car A Car Or Is It A Van?


Research from one of the UK’s leading price-comparison websites has revealed a growing element of confusion between cars and vans.

Meet The Latest Weapon In The Battle Against Speeding Cars


The next generation of speed cameras has been trialled and tested and is now out catching dangerous drivers on the streets of England.

Britain’s First All-Electric Station Opens


Drivers in the UK can now charge their electric car batteries at an exclusive EV charging forecourt, capable of powering-up 36 plug-in vehicles all at the same time.

This Car Insurance Trick Could Save You Hundreds


Savvy drivers are making huge savings by renewing their car insurance quote at an optimal time according to new research published by one of the major price comparison websites.

Top Gear Team Name Cars Of The Year


They not hold as much sway as Jeremy Clarkson, but the new generation of Top Gear presenters still hold valid opinions when it comes to which cars have been the stars of 2020.

How To Avoid Flat Wednesday


Colder weather and a month of inactivity could mean that there are a few flat batteries struggling to start cars this Wednesday. Can you avoid a call out?

‘Cat Burglars’ Targeting These Towns And Cities


The theft of catalytic converters from often unsuspecting car owners has risen six-fold in the last 12 months according to a new survey and some areas of the UK have a bigger problem than others.

Why A Fancy Car Is The Ultimate Status Symbol


The British public may have a reputation for being reserved and not flamboyant, but nothing says ‘We’ve Got Money’ more than a luxurious car according to research published this week.

Rolls Royce - Now Available In Neon


In a break from tradition, classic British car brand, Rolls Royce has revealed an eye-catching range of neon trimmed super-cars.