Does Your Car Hold A ‘Treasure Trove’ Of Secrets?


As more and more motorists are synching their in-car entertainment to their phone, a new report is warning of the dangers of leaving sensitive personal data on their car’s system.

Could Synthetic Fuels Help Save The Planet?


With the UK on the roadmap to carbon neutral car production by 2035, an alternative to electric vehicles is being proposed by Europe’s leading fuel organisation.

Thinking Of Making The Switch To EV?


If you are one of the thousands of car buyers thinking of making the leap to electric over the next few years you probably have a raft of questions and worries. But the EV market is well established in the UK, so much so that What Car? have now included EVs and hybrid cars in their reliability survey.

Covid-19 Will Speed Up Shift To Electric Says Bentley Boss


Pandemic lockdown may have dealt a serious blow to the automotive industry, but it has also allowed stakeholders to reassess their priorities says Bentley’s CEO.

It’s Official: Tesla Breaks 400 Mile Barrier


Electric vehicle technology has taken a huge leap forward after Tesla announced that their Model S has now achieved an official EPA-rated range of 402 miles.

Lotus Points To All-Electric Future


One of the world’s most iconic sports car brands is set to move to an all-electric powertrain, ditching petrol power forever.

Will You Be Taking Advantage Of MOT Extension?


The coronavirus pandemic may have placed a pause on many industries, including motoring, a new survey has revealed that drivers are determined to see their car serviced as normal.

What’s The Real MPG Of New Cars?


A damning report from an influential motoring magazine has revealed that the official literature of many car brands is misleading when it comes to a true miles per gallon.

Could We See A Million Mile EV Battery?


The company which develops batteries for Tesla and Volkswagen claims that it has built a power pack capable of lasting 16 years, or 1.24 million miles.

Why Do Low-Mileage Drivers Pay More For Their Car Insurance?


Drivers who drive less are subsidising those who drive twice as much and are at increased risk according to new research from a price comparison website.