Machine Gun Aston Martin Sells For £5.2million


A 1965 Aston Martin DB5 which starred in James Bond’s Goldfinger and Thunderball has fetched a record price at auction.

What Was The Top Selling Used Car For July?


While the trend for SUVs continues through 2019, there was a surprise leader in used car sales for July.

Electric Car Boom Could Plunge Britain Into Dark Ages Says Expert


The growing demand for electric vehicles could place the National Grid under intense pressure leading to blackouts across the UK according to a leading expert.

Shocking Figures Reveal Extent Of ULEZ Offenders


Angry British drivers have hit out at a scheme in London which is targeting older vehicles in a bid to reduce engine emissions.

Political Think Tank Wants Us To Pay More For Our Petrol


A political pressure group has called for an end to the fuel duty freeze which has kept petrol and diesel prices at acceptable limits.

10 Million Minis And Counting


In the 60th year of producing the iconic Mini car, the factory behind the legend has revealed that it recently completed its 10 millionth example.

One Of The UK’s Busiest Motorways Is Now Made Of Recycled Tyres


Major roads in the UK could get a little extra bounce with the news that Highways England have laid a section of the M1 with a compound made from old car tyres.

Can You Break Speed Limit To Overtake?


It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in the driving laws of the UK, if you are making an overtaking manoeuvre it’s fine to creep slightly over the speed limit, isn’t it?

Government Urged To Address PHEV Slump


A major car brand has called on the UK government to address a sharp drop in the registration of PHEV vehicles following the scrapping of incentives in favour of pure-electric cars.

How To Keep Your Child Car Seat Clean


A shocking report has revealed that only one in ten parents admit to have cleaned their child’s car seat at least once a year.