How Is Diesel Sales Slump Pushing CO2 Emissions Higher?


The crackdown on so-called dirty diesel cars has led to new cars producing more CO2 gases than they did five years ago according to government data.

Don’t Fall Foul Of Uninsured Car Crackdown


Police forces across the UK are joining forces to clamp down on drivers whose cars are on the road but uninsured, and you don’t even have to be driving to get caught.

Could This Cheap Trick Stop Your Keyless Car Being Stolen?


As the motor industry struggles with the impact of keyless cars being easily stolen, one UK driver believes he has come up with a simple way of preventing so-called relay attacks.

Britain Is A Nation Of Speeders, With Nearly Half Exceeding The National Limit


The Department of Transport has revealed that nearly half of car drivers have gone above the national speed limit on UK roads.

Petrol Prices Cut By Up To 2p A Litre


The UK’s major supermarkets have given purse-strings a pre-Christmas boost by cutting the cost of petrol by up to 2p a litre.

Police Chief Wants Drivers To Pay For Petrol Before Filling Up


Petrol companies are being accused of putting profits before crime reduction by a police chief who wants to change the way the nation pays for its petrol.

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Passes Crash Tests With Flying Colours


Confidence in the future of hydrogen fuel-cell engine technology has received a boost after the very first Euro NCAP test for the second generation fuel saw it pass with top marks.

Jaguar Land Rover Announce Cost-Cutting Strategy


The UK’s biggest car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced a series of cost-cutting initiatives after experiencing challenging market conditions.

What’s Your Favourite Driving Album?


An album with a famous BBC F1 theme tune has helped Fleetwood Mac win a poll of the best driving album of all time according to a new survey.

Budget Boost For Britain’s Ailing Road Network


Britain’s crippled road network has received a major £30billion boost after Chancellor Philip Hammond announced his budget.