More Than 10 Million Drivers Are Breaking Mobile Phone Driving Laws


A shocking new survey has revealed the real extent of dangerous driving in the UK caused by those who continue to use their mobile phone while behind the wheel of a car.

New Tool Suggests Four Out Five New Buyers Would Benefit From An EV


An innovative new online fuel calculator is recommending that almost 34 million drivers would be better off buying an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Used Car Sales On The Rise Once Again


More than two million used cars were sold between July and September, marking a 0.9 per cent rise on the same period in 2018.

Latest Security Fix Is Only Short Term Plan Say Experts


The latest security fix in the battle against relay attacks may not be a long term solution says the organisation responsible for rating the security on new vehicles.

Change The Colour Of Your Car At The Flick Of A Switch


Jaguar Land Rover has announced a major new technology drive which will allow designers to adapt the same tech used in curved TVs and flexible wearables.

Are You Ready For New Mobile Phone In Cars Law?


The UK Government has moved to close a ‘loophole’ in the law which will change the use of mobile phones while driving.

Twenty Cars A Day Stranded In ‘Live’ Motorway Lanes


One week after the boss of Highways England admitted smart motorways were not working, new figures reveal the number of vehicles left in potentially life-threatening situations in ‘live’ lanes.

Does Your Used Car Come With Royal Seal Of Approval?


New research has revealed which celebrities would be trusted the most to endorse a car and the Royal Family might have a career in second hand car sales ahead of them.

Van Thefts On The Rise Says Latest Research


Commercial vehicle thefts are on the rise and van drivers are experiencing the brunt of the spike with a 50% rise in four years.

Want To Own Mike Tyson’s Stretched Range Rover?


If a super-stretched limo-style Land Rover has always been your dream motor then you are in luck as a specialist auction is set to put a unique vehicle under the hammer next week.