Innovative Ineos Aim For Hyundai Hydrogen


Not content with stealing the thunder from Land Rover with their Defender inspired Grenadier, Ineos are now looking to take the power from Hyundai to inspire a move towards hydrogen engines.

Sales Surge as Consumers Unanimously Support Climate Initiative


One of the country's biggest car retailers has backed the UK government move to ban internal combustion engines after seeing their own carbon cutting initiatives given a huge thumbs up from consumers.

The Real Cost Of Driving Offences On Your Insurance


Dangerous drivers in the UK are punished in more ways than one for their motoring offences with some having to pay an extra £140 on their car insurance, with premiums rising with each offence committed.

Australia’s EV Tax Law Ridiculed


Legislators in South Australia have been accused of putting a ‘a big tax on not polluting’ and making it more difficult for car buyers to switch to EVs.

How The UK Car Industry Has Spent £735m on Brexit?


The combined efforts of both the motor manufacturing and retail industry in preparing for Brexit has so far cost £235 million in the last ten months, but the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is warning that the final bill could be in the billions.

Why Owning A Car Is Now More Important Than Ever


The global pandemic has made the UK public more reliant on their own mode of transport more than ever according to a new set of research from the RAC.

Don’t Get Scammed By Fake Parking Tickets


UK drivers are being warned about a new parking ticket scam which claims to be from HM Courts and Tribunals service.

Can Aston Martin Become ‘Greatest Luxury Car Brand’?


After the recent partnership deal with Mercedes Benz, UK classic car manufacturer, Aston Martin is aiming to become one of the greatest luxury car brands in the world according to the company’s chief executive.

Do You Know The New Highway Code Rules?


A new ‘hierarchy of road users’ could cause chaos on the roads unless motorists are better educated on what changes have been made to the Highway Code according to road safety experts.

Do You Drive A Zombie Car?


If you drive a car which is discontinued from sale by the manufacturer then you own what is known as a ‘zombie car’ and the good news is that they are as popular as ever.