Hyundai Reveals A Car With Legs


As the world’s motor industry demonstrates it’s very latest tech at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, there is one vehicle from Hyundai which is the talk of the town.

What Were The Worst Selling Cars Of 2018?


One car brand sold less than 200 units in 2018, but as the latest figures show, a lack of sales does not always mean that a car is bottom of our list when it comes to buying.

BMW Creates Car Made From Meteors


German manufacturer BMW has created a unique one-off design with an interior packed full of meteorites.

Volkswagen Makes Major Telematics Acquisition


German car manufacturer Volkswagen has taken a major step into the field of telematics by purchasing Swedish company WirelessCar.

Fingerprint Technology Coming To Cars


The ability to drive your car by using your fingerprints is to come to motoring in early 2019 after Hyundai revealed that the Santa Fe SUV would feature the technology.

Slow Drivers Causing Spike In Road Traffic Accidents


Accidents on the UK roads are on the increase due to slow drivers according to the latest statistics released by the Department for Transport.

How Can Potholes Problems Increase By A Third?


More than half a million potholes were reported by the public in the last year, and with the RAC claiming that the problem is worse by a third, is the state of British roads really that bad?

Could Free Parking Save The British High Street?


Car drivers in the UK could be given some financial reprieve if a plan to save the UK high street gets the green light.

British Crowdfunding Firm Takes EV Charging Mobile


With Britain heading towards a shortage of EV car chargers, one UK-based tech start-up believes it has developed an answer.

Don’t Fall ‘Fowl’ Of Too Much Turkey On Christmas Day


A leading nutritionist has warned that overindulging on Christmas Day and then driving could be as dangerous as drink driving.